List of Terminal Server Fixes in Windows 2000 Service Pack 3

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Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) fixes the following Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Server problems:
  • Access Violation in Mstsc.exe in the Terminal Services Client Program

    The terminal services client does not verify that the CDAllocTransferBuffer() function is successful. This may cause an access violation (AV) in the client program if you are connected to a heavily loaded terminal server.
  • Incorrect Discretionary Access Control List (DACL) Headers on Registry Keys

    An incorrect security descriptor control flag permits registry keys to be created with incorrect DACL headers, allowing "Full Control" permissions to all users.
  • Remote Control Session Termination Hot Key Malfunction

    The Terminal Services Shadowing termination hot key is incorrectly mapped in the Tsadmin.exe program. The CTRL+PAGE UP and CTRL+PAGE DOWN key combinations are reversed.
  • Private IP Address Information May Be Logged by the Terminal Server

    When you log on to a Windows 2000 terminal server that is configured to audit the IP address of the client from behind a network address translation (NAT) or proxy server, the actual IP address of the client computer is logged. This fix causes Terminal Services to log the IP address of the NAT server or Proxy server.
  • Repeatedly Pressing F7 and ENTER in Quick Succession Causes Terminal Server to Restart

    If you repeatedly press F7 and ENTER in quick succession while you run a command from a command prompt, the Windows 2000 terminal server restarts.
  • Event Message 1103 Provides Little Useful Information

    When you delete a printer or change the printer name, event ID 1103 is generated. This event provides little useful information; therefore, this update removes the generation of event ID 1103.
  • Access Violation in Winlogon.exe

    On a heavily loaded terminal server, an access violation (AV) in Winlogon.exe can occur when Windows determines the security access permissions to a printer.
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