List of the issues fixed in Word 2000 by Office 2000 Service Pack 3

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Microsoft has released Office 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP-3). This article describes the issues that are fixed in Word 2000 by this service pack.

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326585 OFF2000: Overview of the Office 2000 Service Pack 3

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Word 2000 Issues Fixed by Office 2000 SP-3

Office 2000 SP-3 fixes the issues that are described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:
276257 OFF2000: List of Issues Fixed in Office 2000 Service Pack 2
329749 WD2000: Overview of the Word 2000 SR-1 Update: October 16, 2002
288266 WD2000: No Macro Warning When You Open RTF Document
320536 WD2000: Overview of Word 2000 Update: April 25, 2002
203859 WD2000: Template File Containing Frames Does Not Open As Expected
220806 WD2000: Digital Signature Is Lost When You Save Word Document
268337 Syntax error when you update Word 97 SUM fields in a Word 2000 document
270017 WD2000: "Disable Features Not Supported by Word 97" Option Does Not Work
271343 Error message when you select a cell in a table inside a text box in Word 2000
273760 WD2000: Table Row Directions and Table Cell Widths Change When You Open a Word 97 Document
274686 WD2000: Tab Leader Is Displayed and Printed in Gray
274693 WD2000: Word Document Is Deleted When Opened Read-only via a Hyperlink
277909 WD2000: Word Stops Responding After You Update TOC Field in Master Document
278252 WD2000: Temporary Files Created During Mail Merge Are Not Deleted
278679 OFF2000: "This Workbook (Document) Has Been Password Protected" When You Open Workbook or Document
278883 WD2000: IPF When You Use an Input Method Editor to Type Characters
279437 WD2000: General Protection Fault Error Message When You Format Columns
279504 WD2000: Unexpected Line Break with ADVANCE Field and Tab Stop
281452 WD2000: Word Crashes When You Check Spelling in Italian
282893 WD2000: Processor Utilization Increases to 100 Percent When You Hold Down Mouse Button
284952 WD2000: Feed Method Settings Are Not Retained
285168 WD2000: Error Message with Mail Merge Using MS Query Data Source
285340 WD2000: "Error! Unknown Info Keyword" When You Update INFO Field in French Word 95 Document
287398 WD2000: Error Message: A Table in This Document Has Become Corrupted
288266 WD2000: No Macro Warning When You Open RTF Document
289500 WD2000: CPU Usage Increases to 100 Percent When Customize Dialog Box Is Open
290242 WD2000: Chart's Y-axis Label Orientation Changes When You Open Word 97 Document
290582 WD2000: Arabic Font Changes Point Size When Document Is Opened in Word 2000
296888 WD2000: Word Stops Responding When You Select a Cell in a Nested Table
297003 WD2000: Word Stops Responding When You Navigate in Internet Explorer If Japanese Characters Are Not Determined
297407 WD2000: Incorrect Number of Misspelled Words When You Check Spelling Programmatically
298950 WD2000: Word Quits Unexpectedly When You Close a Document from Print Preview
299003 Link field with form field as data source displays "?????" when you update it in Word 2000
299925 WD2000: "WINWORD.exe Has Generated Errors ..." After You Press ALT+F4 to Close Word and Multiple Documents
300861 WD2000: "WINWORD.exe Has Generated Errors ..." When You Right-Click a Frame Anchor
300870 WD2000: Word Quits Unexpectedly If You Save Digitally Signed Document After You Modify Document Variables
302865 WD2000: "Error! No Table of Contents Entries Found" When You Build a Table of Contents
306976 WD2000: Word Does Not Respond When Proofing a Document That Has Text in Several Languages
307709 OFF2000: C++ Runtime Error When You Use Portuguese/Brazilian Proofing Tools
311741 WD2000: Invalid Page Fault in Winword.exe When You Try to Merge Mail Merge Document
316918 WD2000: User Receives "Insufficient Memory" Error Message After You Set the OnAction Property of a Custom Pop-up Menu
317259 WD2000: Word Stops Responding When You Check Spelling and Grammar in Swedish Text
319295 WD2000: Swedish Grammar Checker Stops Responding If You Type Date String That Does Not Contain Blank Spaces
322230 WD2000: Word Stops Responding If You Run the Spelling Checker on Swedish Text
311244 Swedish grammar checker crashes on the word "dummy" followed by another word

Additional Issues Fixed by Office 2000 SP-3

The issues in this section are also fixed by Office 2000 SP-3.

Word for Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Checker Stops Responding (Crashes) on Certain Words

When you type the word "oriente" in Word for Brazilian Portuguese, the grammar checker may stop responding.

The 'EditConversionOptions' Macro No Longer Displays a Dialog when You Insert CGM files in Word

When you insert a CGM file in Word, and the EditConversionOptions macro has been used, and the ShowOptionsDialog option is turned on (enabled), the Options dialog box may not appear.

Word Stops Responding with an 'Antivirus Dialog' Box If You Use Word As You E-Mail Editor in Microsoft Outlook

If you use Word as your e-mail editor in Outlook, your antivirus software opens a dialog box after you open an attachment, and then Word may stop responding.

HTML E-mail Messages Contain ActiveX Objects That Ignore SecuritySettings

If you use Word as your e-mail editor, and you reply to or forward an Outlook message that contains an ActiveX control, the script may run even if your security settings are configured to prevent it from running.

Word Stops Responding When You Open a Document

If you open a corrupted or damaged document, Word may stop responding.


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