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The following is a product history for Microsoft Windows versions 1.x,2.03, 2.1, 2.11, 3.0, 3.0a, 3.1, and 3.11:
   Version   Date     Requirements   -------   ----     ------------   1.01      11/85    - MS-DOS version 2.0                      - Two double-sided disk drives or a hard disk                      - 256K of memory or greater                      - Graphics-adapter card   1.03       8/86    Requirements                      - MS-DOS version 2.0                      - Two double-sided disk drives or a hard disk                      - 320K of memory or greater                      - Graphics-adapter card                      Changes:                      - MS-DOS version 3.2 support                      - Enhanced keyboard support                      - AT&T 6300 and AT&T 6300 Plus support                      - 14-, 18-, and 24-point sizes added to                        TimesRoman and Helvetica fonts                      - Generic/Text Only printer driver added                      - PostScript printer driver added                      - .WRI extension used for Windows Write files                        (version 1.01 used .DOC extension)                      - Support for all features of the international                        version   DDL        1/87    Windows Device Driver Library Volume 1                      Additional support for display devices,                      printers, and pointing devices added   1.04       4/87    Requirements                      - MS-DOS version 2.0                      - Two double-sided disk drives or a hard disk                        320K of memory or greater                      - Graphics-adapter card                      Changes                      - IBM Personal System/2 support                      - COMM.DRV revised to support ept port for IBM                        3812 Pageprinter                      - HP downloadable soft font support   2.03      11/87    Requirements                      - MS-DOS version 3.0                      - Two double-sided disk drives or a hard disk                      - 512K of memory or greater                      - Graphics-adapter card                      Changes                      - Overlapping windows instead of tiled windows                      - LIM Version 4.0 expanded memory support                      - Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) support                      - SMARTDrive disk-cache program included                      - Revised .FON format for screen fonts                      - NEWFON.EXE included to convert 1.x font                        format to 2.x font format                      - Revised Paint file format                      - CVTPAINT.EXE included to convert 2.x                        Paint file format to 1.x format                      - About command moved to File menu from System                        menu                      - Printer Timeouts option added to Control                        Panel                      - Mouse Acceleration option added to Control                        Panel                      - Warning Beep toggle added to Control Panel                      - Notepad About command reports                      - Remaining Free Space                      - 3812 Pageprinter no longer supported   2.10    5/27/88   Requirements                     - 512K Memory                     - MS-DOS version 3.0 or later                     - One floppy-disk drive AND one hard disk (note                       that a hard disk is now required)                     - Graphics adapter card  (the box notes: IBM                       EGA, IBM VGA, IBM 8514, IBM CGA, Hercules                       Graphics Card, or compatibles)                     - Use of the Microsoft Mouse is optional                     - Packaged with 5.25-inch 1.2 megabyte                       disks OR 3.5-inch 720K disks, plus an                       order form for free 360K 5.25-inch disks                     Changes                     - New HIMEM.SYS driver allowing the use of the first                       64K of extended memory to store part of Windows,                       giving approximately 50K additional conventional                       memory inside Windows                     - Support for approximately 65 more printers than                       version 2.03, bringing the total supported                       printers to approximately 127                     - Support for additional computers                     - Support for additional display devices   2.11   3/13/89    Requirements                     Same as Version 2.1                     Changes                     - Accounts for memory freed by XMS when computing                       the maximum swap size allowed                     - Increased minimum bankable memory required for                       large frame EMS                     - Setup program no longer terminates when                       incompatible driver is encountered                     - Setup corrected to permit set up on 512K machine                       with MS-DOS version 3.3                     - Updated COMM.DRV to solve handshaking problems at                       9600 bits per second (BPS)                     - Updated HPPCL.DRV driver that supports LaserJet                       series IID, Olivetti LP 5000, Toshiba                     - PageLaser 12, and Intel Visual Edge                     - Updated PSCRIPT.DRV driver that supports                       Olivetti LP 5000 in PostScript mode                     - Printing speed increased                     - Windows/386 WINOLDAP.MOD modified to support high-                       resolution displays                     Additions                     - AppleTalk library (must accompany the new                       PostScript driver)                     - Toshiba 24-pin printer driver                     - 8514/a driver for Windows/386                     - /E switch to adjust large frame EMS threshold		
   3.0    5/22/90    Requirements                     2.11 requirements plus the following:                     - MS-DOS 3.1 or higher                     - 640K Conventional Memory                     - 256K Extended Memory                     Changes                    - Windows runs in protected mode -- direct extended                      memory access                    - 386 enhanced mode virtual memory provides more                      memory than physically in RAM by swapping blocks                      of RAM to the hard drive.                    - Color palette managed by Windows 3.0                    - Device-independent color bitmap support                    - Improved network support                    - New dialog boxes, system fonts, and menus                    - Graphical environment                    - New HIMEM.SYS XMS (spec. 2.0) driver. 16 MB                      support                    - EMM386.SYS expanded memory manager                    - 32 printer drivers supporting 170 different                      printers -- including HP LaserJet III series                    - MS-DOS programs run in a window                    - Three mode operation (real, standard, 386                      enhanced).                    - Icon-based Program Manager                    - Tree-structured File Manager                    - Asymetrix Daybook 1.0a bundled   3.00a  10/31/90   Requirements                    Same as Windows 3.0                    Changes                    - Maintenance release of 3.0 focusing on very                      specific problems with:                       Networking                       Dynamic Data Exchange                       Low-memory conditions                       Setup                       Extended character support for printers                    - Retail package shipped with Windows Q&A booklet    3.00aMultimedia    FallExtensions    1991    Requirements                      Multimedia PC (MPC) Specifications:                      - 80386 sx or dx IBM compatible                      - 2 megabytes RAM                      - VGA or higher (16 color minimum)                      - 30 Megabyte hard drive                      - CD-ROM (with audio output support)                      - 2-button mouse                      - Audio hardware                      Changes                      - Available only through hardware OEM                      - New device drivers to connect with specific MPC                        hardware.                      - Introduced Media Control Interface (MCI)                      - Enhanced Control Panel includes screen saver,                        video driver icon (Drivers), joystick control,                        driver installer, event based sound control,                        and MIDI mapping control                      - New Accessories: MPC Alarm Clock, Media Player,                      - Sound Recorder   3.10   4/6/92     Requirements                     - MS-DOS 3.1 or later                     - IBM compatible 80286 or higher (386 recommended)                     - 640K Conventional memory                     - 256K extended memory (XMS v 2.0 or higher)                     - 1024K extended memory recommended on 80286                     - 2048K extended memory recommended on 80386                     - 5.25-inch (high density) or 3.5-inch floppy                       drive                     - Fixed drive with 6 megabytes free (10 megabytes                       recommended)                     - EGA, VGA, SVGA, XGA, 8514/A, or Hercules video                       card or 100% compatible card, and monitor                     - Mouse recommended                     Changes                     - Available in upgrade or full package (upgrade                       does not require earlier version)                     - Improved Setup program offers express, custom,                       network, and troubleshooting setup                     - Computer-based Windows 3.1 tutorial                     - Consistent dialog boxes                     - Improved online Help                     - OLE Drag and drop, OLE support in many applications                     - Improved File Manager                     - Improved printer support through use of                       UNIdriver                     - New video drivers support MS-DOS graphics in a                       window                     - WD1003 virtual hard drive controller                     - Virtual memory changeable in Control Panel                     - Standard and enhanced mode operation only                     - TrueType scalable font support                     - Includes multimedia extensions (inclusions)                     - Includes new SMARTDrive version 4.0, HIMEM XMS                       manager 3.0, new EMM386.EXE                     - Standard mode can now run with EMM386.EXE running                     - Documentation includes "Getting Started" manual                     - 266 different types of printers supported   3.11  12/31/93   Requirements                     - Same as version 3.1                    Changes                     - Certificate of Authenticity                     - More sophisticated hologram and an MS (3M) sticker                       on box                     - An 800 number to call (in the United States &                       Canada) and check for product legitimacy                     - Updated drivers                     - Five updated core files                     - NetWare support files (from Novell)		
2.1 2.10 3.0 3.00 3.0a 3.00a 3.1 3.10 3.11

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