Basic Supports MASM 5.10 Update .MODEL and PROC Extensions

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The Microsoft Macro Assembler Version 5.10 includes several newfeatures (not found in MASM Version 5.00 or earlier) that simplifyassembly-language routines linked with high-level language programsTwo of these features are as follows:

  1. An extension to the .MODEL directive that automatically sets up naming, calling, and return conventions for a given high-level language; for example, .MODEL MEDIUM,Basic
  2. A modification of the PROC directive that handles most of the procedure entry automatically. The PROC directive saves specified registers, defines text macros for passed arguments, and generates stack setup code on entry and stack tear-down code on exit.
These new features are supported by QuickBasic Versions 4.00, 4.00b,and 4.50 and the Microsoft Basic Compiler Versions 6.00 and 6.00b.

Section 5 of the "Microsoft Macro Assembler 5.1: 5.1 Update" manualdiscusses the new features.
Page 332 of the "Microsoft QuickBasic Version 4.00: Learning and UsingQuickBasic" manual provides an example of an assembly-languagefunction called by Basic. The example from Page 332 is modified belowto demonstrate the new features in the Microsoft Macro AssemblerVersion 5.10.

Compile and Link Instructions are as follows:
BC power.bas;
MASM power.asm,powera;
LINK power + powera;
The following is the Basic Program, POWER.BAS, which invokes theassembly language function POWER2:
   DEFINT A-Z   DECLARE FUNCTION power2 (x%, y%)   PRINT power2(3, 5)   END				
The following is POWER2.ASM, an example of using the extended .MODELand .PROC directives in MASM 5.10:
.model medium,Basic  ;Adds the language option ",Basic".code                     ;PUBLIC directive was removed. The label on                     ;the PROC directive is now the function name.Power2 PROC arg1:word, arg2:word  ;parameters added to PROC   ;Note: PUSH BP and MOV BP,SP are no longer needed.   ;The arguments are refered to by the names supplied on the   ;PROC list instead of their offset from BP (Base Pointer):       mov   bx,arg1       mov   ax,[bx]       mov   bx,arg2       mov   cx,[bx]       shl   ax,cl   ;Note, POP BP is no longer needed.       ret      ;RET is used now, instead of RET n, (where n is                ;two times the number of passed arguments.)Power2 endp       end				
For comparison, the following is the equivalent, earlier (MASM Version5.00) form for POWER2.ASM, taken from Page 332 of "Learning and UsingQuickBasic" (for Versions 4.00 and 4.00b, and Basic Compiler Versions6.00 and 6.00b):
.model medium.code       PUBLIC Power2Power2 PROC       PUSH  BP       MOV   BP,SP        ; Set stack framepointer       mov   bx,[bp+8]    ; Load Arg1 into       mov   ax,[bx]      ;   AX       mov   bx,[bp+6]    ; Load Arg2 into       mov   cx,[bx]      ;   CX       shl   ax,cl        ; AX = AX * (2 to power of CX)                          ; Leave return value in AX       POP   BP           ; Exit sequence -- restore old BP       ret   4            ; Return and restore 4 bytes.Power2 endp       end				
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