QuickBasic SETUP Works Only from Logical Disk Drive A or B

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The SETUP program (SETUP.EXE) is designed to help you copy theQuickBasic files from floppy disks to your hard drive.

The SETUP program (SETUP.EXE) from QuickBasic version 4.50 workscorrectly ONLY from logical disk drive A or B of your computer.SETUP.EXE does not work correctly when run from any logical disk driveC, D, E, or higher. If you run SETUP on a logical drive other thandrive A or B, it is assumed to be a hard disk, and SETUP.EXE willfail.

For QuickBasic version 4.00 or 4.00b, the SETUP program (SETUP.EXE)only works from drive A. SETUP will not work on drive B or higher forversion 4.00 or 4.00b.

As an alternative for installing QuickBasic, you can use the MS-DOSCOPY command to copy each floppy to the hard disk with the followingcommand:
   copy *.* c:				
Note: In the repackaged version 4.50 product, the files are providedin a packed format. After you copy the packed files to your hard disk,you must unpack each file individually using the UNPACK.EXE program.To speed the unpacking, you can write an MS-DOS batch file based uponthe PACKING.LST file.
Note: Versions of QuickBasic earlier than version 4.00 do not have aSETUP program.

For a complete description of the repackaged 4.50 version, search fora separate article using the following words:
repackaged and 4.50

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