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Using Batch Files with the FOR Batch Command

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If a batch file is used as the command in a FOR batch command, the FORbatch command only calls the batch file once. The following interactiveexample executes ONE.BAT for item "a", then stops:
    FOR %i IN (a b c d) DO one %i				
In a batch file, use two percent examples. The change in the exampleabove is as follows:
    FOR %%i IN (a b c d) DO one %%i				
In Microsoft the MS-DOS packaged product, the CALL command can be used torepeatedly execute the batch file with the FOR batch command. The aboveinteractive example is changed to the following:
    FOR %i IN (a b c d) DO CALL one %i				
This example executes ONE.BAT for each item in the list.

In releases of MS-DOS earlier than version 3.30, this can be done byspawning COMMAND.COM with the /C switch and letting it execute the batchfile. The above interactive example is changed to the following:
    FOR %i IN (a b c d) DO COMMAND /C ONE %i				
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