WD: How to Set/Restore the Window Size/Position for a Document

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Microsoft Word saves the window placement and window size for eachindividually saved document. When you edit a document, its window sizeand placement are saved when the document is saved.

NOTE: References in this article to the Zoom Window key combination,COMMAND+OPTION+], apply to versions of Word for the Macintosh earlier thanversion 6.0
To change the window size or placement, follow these steps:

  1. Zoom the window.

    Click the Zoom box at the upper-right edge of the window or use the Zoom Window key combination, COMMAND+OPTION+]. This alternates the size of the window between its current size and its last size.
  2. Move the window.

    Click the window's title bar and drag the mouse while holding down the mouse button.
  3. Resize the window.

    Click the Size box icon in the lower-right corner and drag the mouse up and to the left while holding down the mouse button.
In Microsoft Word 5.x for the Macintosh, when the size or location of adocument window has been modified and the file is saved in the Stationeryformat, the new window configuration is not retained for copies of theStationery file.

You cannot change the default window size for a new document; Wordopens a new document in a full-size window. To start Word with aspecific window size, create a template document that has the desiredsize, and start Word by double-clicking the template document. Whenyou create a new document in this manner, remember to choose Save Asfrom the File menu and change the name of the document.

If a document window, or a portion of it (such as the title bar)disappears from the screen, you can use the Zoom Window key command(COMMAND+OPTION+]) to return the document window to its defaultposition.
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