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Relationship Between Map File and Physical Memory

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In situations where memory is very short or where CodeView interactswith your program, it is sometimes necessary to use the DEBUG.COMprogram supplied with DOS.

Using DEBUG is more difficult than using SYMDEB or CodeView becauseDEBUG has no symbolic features. You must use the map produced by the/M option when you link with a standard DOS overlay linker (i.e., nota segmented executable linker) to locate specific parts of yourprogram.

However, since DOS relocates programs when it loads them, theaddresses given in the map need conversion before you can use them.

This conversion is simple: DOS adds the address of the start segment(defined below) to each segment address in the load map. The offsetsnever change from the values shown in the link map -- only thesegments change.
The start segment is the base address of the Program Segment Prefix(PSP) plus the size of the PSP in paragraphs. Since the PSP is always100h (256) bytes long, the size of the PSP is 10h paragraphs.

Note: DOS puts the base segment address of the PSP in DS and in ESwhen a program begins execution.

For example, assume that the link map says that the function _funct isat 0004:05A0 (all values in hex) and that the global variable _errnois at 0192:00E3. Suppose further that when the program is loaded intoDEBUG, the DS and ES registers contain 2BA5 -- the segment address ofthe PSP. (Use the R command to display the values of the registers.)

The start segment for loading the program will be 2BB5 -- the value ofthe PSP base address (2BA5) + 10h to allow for the 10h paragraphlength of the PSP (100h bytes).

Thus, the function _funct will be located as follows:
   0004:05A0   -- address of _funct in the link map   2BB5        -- start segment address (PSP + 10h)   ---------   2BB9:05A0				
And _errno will be located as follows:
   0192:00E3   -- address of _funct in the link map   2BB5        -- start segment address (PSP + 10h)   ---------   2D47:00E3				
Use this calculation on any address in the link map to find where thesymbol is located in memory when actually loaded.

The H (Hex Arithmetic) command in DEBUG can be helpful when performingthese calculations, as can a hex calculator with constant feature.
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