Basic 7.0/7.1 "Error Loading Run-time Module: Incompatible"

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Microsoft Basic Professional Development System (PDS) versions 7.0 and7.1 maintain a date and time stamp for each of their run-time modules(BRT70xxx.EXE and BRT71xxx.EXE). (A custom run-time module that youcreate will also have a unique time stamp.) This time stamp isinherited by the compiled Basic PDS program linked with a given BasicPDS run-time module. (This information does NOT apply if you compilewith the BC /O stand-alone option.)

The result of this inheritance is that the Basic executable .EXEprogram does not run with a run-time module other than the one it waslinked with. Attempting to use a Basic PDS 7.0 or 7.1 run-time moduleother than the one that the .EXE program was linked with results inthe following error message:
Error loading run-time module <runtime name>.EXE: Incompatible run-time module.
The time stamp association between Basic PDS 7.0/7.1 run-time modulesand executable programs helps ensure that the run-time module used bythe program actually contains the routines the Basic executableprogram expects to be able to call.

For example, assume that you have created the Basic run-time moduleBRT70ENR.EXE and the run-time library BRT70ENR.LIB during setup, andyou specify that you do not want to include VGA graphics support(which removes the VGA graphics routines by linking the NOVGA.OBJ stubfile into your run-time module). If you were allowed to execute aprogram that was compiled by another person using a differentBRT70ENR.LIB run-time library, and that program used VGA graphicsroutines, that program would try to call the graphics routines itexpects to find at certain locations in the Basic run-timeBRT70ENR.EXE. Because the VGA graphics routines will not be present inyour BRT70ENR.EXE run-time, the code at that location is not going tobe the expected VGA routine, and the results of such a call areunpredictable.
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