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How to Just Trap CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT Keys in Basic

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Normally, to trap CTRL (CONTROL), ALT, and SHIFT in combination withother keys, you would set the bits for these keys in the first byte(keyboard flag) of the two CHR$() bytes in the KEY statement.

However, to trap the CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT keys alone (not incombination with other keys), the keyboard flag in the KEY statementshould be CHR$(0) for the standard keyboard or CHR$(&H80) for keysspecific to an extended keyboard.
The syntax of the KEY statement (where n=15 through 25 can beuser-defined keys) is as follows:
KEY n, CHR$(keyboardflag) + CHR$(scancode)
The following table lists the scan codes for the CTRL, ALT and SHIFTkeys:
   Key           Scan Code   ---           ---------   CTRL          &H1D   ALT           &H38   LEFT SHIFT    &H2A   RIGHT SHIFT   &H36				
NOTE: To trap the RIGHT CTRL or RIGHT ALT key (found only on anextended 101 keyboard), the extended keyboard flag (&H80) must be usedin the keyboard flag byte.

Code Example

The following code example traps the CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT keysalone:
' NOTE:  This program requires NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK to be off.KEY 15, CHR$(&H0) + CHR$(&H1D)     ' LEFT CTRL (onON KEY(15) GOSUB Ctrl              ' Standard or Extended keyboard).KEY(15) ONKEY 16, CHR$(&H80) + CHR$(&H1D)    ' RIGHT CTRL (on Extended keyboard).ON KEY(16) GOSUB CtrlKEY(16) ONKEY 17, CHR$(&H0) + CHR$(&H38)     ' LEFT ALT (onON KEY(17) GOSUB alt               ' Standard or Extended keyboard).KEY(17) ONKEY 18, CHR$(&H80) + CHR$(&H38)    ' RIGHT ALT (on Extended keyboard).ON KEY(18) GOSUB AltKEY(18) ONKEY 19, CHR$(&H0) + CHR$(&H2A)     ' LEFT SHIFT (onON KEY(19) GOSUB Shift             ' Standard or Extended keyboard).KEY(19) ONKEY 20, CHR$(&H0) + CHR$(&H36)     ' RIGHT SHIFT (onON KEY(20) GOSUB Shift             ' Standard or Extended keyboard).KEY(20) ONWHILE INKEY$ <> CHR$(27): WEND     ' Press ESC to end.ENDCtrl: PRINT "CTRL"RETURNAlt:  PRINT "ALT"RETURNShift:  PRINT "SHIFT"RETURN				
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