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Using the Clipper Program with Windows

This article was previously published under Q63279
To run a program compiled by dBASE, such as Remote Control's Telemagic,with Microsoft Windows, the following line must be entered in theAUTOEXEC.BAT file:
Set Clipper = V12; E000
The dBASE compiler requires identifiers to write to the screen. Theprogram Clipper is run by dBASE to reserve expanded memory for theseidentifiers. When a dBASE-compiled program is run by a Windows programinformation file (PIF), a memory conflict between Windows and Clipperdevelops.

By entering the above line in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, Clipper is told toreserve conventional memory rather than expanded memory for theidentifiers. The V12; section reserves 12K of conventional memory. The E000section stops Clipper from seeing any memory above this address. As aresult, it does not see expanded memory and uses conventional memoryinstead.

NOTE: Microsoft does not recommend running program compilers under theWindows environment.

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