Windows 3.0: Installing Video Seven's High-Resolution Drivers

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This information is contained in the README.TXT supplied with thesupplementary high-resolution graphics drivers available from Video Seven.All questions regarding these drivers should be directed to HeadlandTechnologies.
Video Seven provides the following Microsoft Windows version 3.0 driversfor the Video Seven V-RAM VGA and VGA 1024i:   Filename       Video Resolution   -------------  -------------------------    V754016.DRV   720 x 540  16 color    V760016.DRV   800 x 600  16 color    V776816.DRV   1024 x 768  16 color (requires 512K)    V7512256.DRV  720 x 512 256 color (V-RAM VGA 512K only)The Windows 3.0 package contains a 640 x 480 16-color and 256-colordriver for the Video Seven VGA card.The example below shows how to install the 800 x 600 16-color driver.You can install a different resolution driver by substituting thedriver filename for the resolution you want to install. You shouldalready have Windows 3.0 installed, using the Video Seven driversupplied with Windows (640 x 480 with 256 colors).1. Copy the V760016.DRV file from the floppy disk to the \SYSTEM   subdirectory under the directory where you have installed Windows   3.0 (for example, WIN3\SYSTEM\).2. Using a text editor (such as the Notepad from within Windows), change   the DISPLAY.DRV line of the SYSTEM.INI from DISPLAY.DRV=V7VGA.DRV to   DISPLAY.DRV=V760016.DRV.3. Check that the following lines appear in the [Boot] section of the   SYSTEM.INI file:      386GRABBER=V7VGA.GR3 (386 machines only) and      286GRABBER=VGACOLOR.GR2.   NOTE: If you have installed Windows for standard VGA you do not   have the file V7VGA.GR3 in your Windows directory. This file is   compressed and must be expanded off the original disks. The file   V7VGA.GR3 is on Windows Disk 4 on 5.25" media or Windows Disk 5 on   3.5" media. Or simply install Windows for Video Seven with 512K.4. Save the SYSTEM.INI file. Restart Windows from the MS-DOS prompt.   You are now in the 800 x 600 resolution mode. You can repeat   the above steps to change resolutions at any time.If you do not have Windows 3.0 installed, do the following:1. Install Windows 3.00 and select "Video Seven VGA with 512K" or   "VGA" depending on your memory configuration, as the display   option.2. Follow steps 1-4 above to change resolution.The products included here are manufactured by vendors independent ofMicrosoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding theseproducts' performance or reliability.				
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