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Square Root (sqrt) in Calculator's Scientific Mode

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In the scientific mode of the Microsoft Windows Calculator application, thesquare root button (sqrt) disappears.

To mathematically perform the square root function in the scientificmode, use the (x^y) button as the following example demonstrates. Tocalculate the square root of 144, do the following:
  1. Type 144.
  2. Press the (x^y) button.
  3. Type 0.5 or .5.
  4. Press the equal sign (=) button or another operator button.
The number 12, the square root of 144, should be the result displayed.
Mathematically, you can rewrite the square root of a number (x in theexample below) in the following manner to obtain an equivalentequation:
      _____1.  \/ x        is equal to...     2_____2.  \/ x^1      which is equal to...      (1/2)           (.5)3.  x^          or  x^				
NOTE: The equation in step 3 represents the (x^y) button; therefore,it can be used as the equivalent substitution for the (sqrt) button.
calc 3.00 3.00a 3.10 3.11

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