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Add Printer Button in Control Panel Not Working

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When you choose the Add Printer button in the Printers dialog box ofControl Panel, nothing happens, or you receive the following error message:
Information file not in system directory or corrupt.
Copy in CONTROL.INF and SETUP.INF from disk #1.
The following problems can cause this symptom:

  • You do not have enough memory to display the printer list.
  • The SETUP.INF or CONTROL.INF file is corrupted or has been deleted.
  • The SETUP.INF file of another application has been installed over the Windows SETUP.INF.
  • There is a copy of SETUP.INF in the Windows directory as well as the Windows SYSTEM subdirectory.
  • You are loading Intel Net Satisfaction terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) programs from your Novell NetWare System Login Script.
Use one of the following procedures to correct this problem.

Low Memory

If you suspect that there is not enough memory to display the printerlist, proceed as follows:

  1. Exit Control Panel.
  2. Close one or more applications.
  3. Restart Control Panel and try to add the printer again.

Missing or Corrupted SETUP.INF or CONTROL.INF File

Windows looks first in the Windows directory. If the SETUP.INF orCONTROL.INF file is not found, it looks in the Windows SYSTEM subdirectory.

If you suspect that the SETUP.INF or CONTROL.INF file in the WindowsSYSTEM subdirectory is corrupted (or is missing), proceed as follows:

  1. Exit the Control Panel and run File Manager.
  2. Copy the SETUP.INF and/or CONTROL.INF file from your Windows installation disks to the Windows SYSTEM subdirectory. (The SETUP.INF file is located on Disk 1. The CONTROL.INF file is located on Disk 5 of the 3.5-inch set and on Disk 6 of the 5.25-inch set.)
  3. Restart the Control Panel and try to add the printer again.
NOTE: The SETUP.INF and CONTROL.INF files are not compressed files andcan be copied without using the EXPAND utility.

Incorrect Version of SETUP.INF File

  1. Verify that the SETUP.INF file is the correct version for Windows by comparing the file contents with the original SETUP.INF file on your Windows installation disks.
  2. If there appears to be a dramatic difference between the two files, back up your current SETUP.INF file by saving it to a floppy disk or renaming it.
  3. Replace the current SETUP.INF file with the original SETUP.INF. You may need to manually edit the new SETUP.INF and make some changes.
  4. Restart Control Panel and try to add the printer again.

Multiple SETUP.INF Files

If there are identical copies of SETUP.INF in the Windows and WindowsSYSTEM subdirectory, delete the SETUP.INF file from the Windows directory.If the SETUP.INF file is in the Windows directory, but not the WindowsSYSTEM directory, move the file to the Windows SYSTEM directory.
For more information about adding a printer, refer to "Installing aPrinter" in the Microsoft Windows "User's Guide" for version 3.0 or 3.1.
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