Using Adobe Type Manager with Windows 3.0

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Adobe Type Manager (ATM) for Windows is an add-in program that createsmatching screen and printer fonts in Microsoft Windows version 3.0for dot matrix, HP LaserJet, and PostScript printers. It works instandard and enhanced mode, but not real mode and gives a WYSIWYGdisplay environment.

This package has a built-in soft font installer so that mostAdobe-compatible Type 1 soft fonts can be used. It also supports theLasermaster series of printers. This program uses approximately 240Kor more memory depending on the size of the font cache that is used.The font cache is where built bit-mapped fonts are stored during aWindows session.
When Adobe Type manager is installed from within Windows 3.00, it doesthe following:

  1. It creates two new directories: PCLFONTS and PSFONTS. These are the directories where .PFM files (font metric file used for screen display) and .PFB files (printer font file) are stored for the different printers.
  2. It builds an ATM.INI file that contains a listing of available fonts and internal ATM settings, then copies this file to the Windows subdirectory. It also copies ATMCNTRL.EXE to this directory and makes backup copies of the SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI files with the .BAK extension.
  3. ATM edits the WIN.INI and adds font information. For example, it would add the following under the [HPPCL5A,LPT1] section of the WIN.INI file if you are using an HP LaserJet series III:
          softfonts=4 (or the number of fonts added)      softfont1=c:\pclfonts\xxxx.pfm,c:\pclfonts\xxxx.sfp)						
  4. ATM edits the SYSTEM.INI, and under the [boot] section, it changes
    It then adds a new entry under this section,
    atm.system.drv= system.drv						
If ATM is installed when Word for Windows is not running, delete theWINWORD.INI file in the Word for Windows directory to update the fontchoices and show the new fonts installed.

Type Manager is manufactured by Adobe; we make no warranty, impliedor otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.
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