Unable to Start the Windows Task List

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Windows Task Manager does not work if the SYSTEM.INI file entry forthe Windows Task Manager is incorrect, or the file TASKMAN.EXE isdamaged or missing.

If the following line appears in the [BOOT] section of the SYSTEM.INIfile, the Windows Task Manager (TASKMAN.EXE) does not load:
For the Windows Task Manager to function correctly, either remove theabove line from the SYSTEM.INI file or change the line to:
If the TASKMAN.EXE file is not in the search path or if it has beenremoved, deleted, or renamed, the Task List will not appear when youdouble-click the Desktop or press CTRL+ESC.

Verify that the TASKMAN.EXE file is located in the WINDOWS directory.TASKMAN.EXE can be expanded from the original Windows disks into theWINDOWS directory using the EXPAND.EXE utility.

Windows 3.0, 3.0a: Expanding TASKMAN.EXE

For Windows 3.0, copy the EXPAND.EXE program from disk 1 to yourWINDOWS directory and use the following command:
expand a:taskman.exe c:\windows\taskman.exe

Windows 3.1: Expanding TASKMAN.EXE

For Windows 3.1, use the following command:
expand a:taskman.ex_ c:\windows\taskman.exe
By default, Windows loads the Task Manager. The TASKMAN.EXE= line inthe SYSTEM.INI file was designed to allow the use of other TaskManaging programs in Windows. If the above line exists, Task Switchingcapabilities still function by pressing ALT+TAB if the following lineis in the [WINDOWS] section of the WIN.INI file:
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