Windows: AUTOEXEC.BAT Is Not Run During Boot

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The AUTOEXEC.BAT file is not run when you boot your computer if the"SHELL=COMMAND.COM" statement in the CONFIG.SYS file is missing the "/P"parameter.
The "SHELL=" statement tells the system what command processor to loadduring boot up. Most often this is used to load the MS-DOS COMMAND.COM toincrease the environment space. The correct syntax for this is:
In the example above, the "/E:" parameter is increasing the MS-DOSenvironment to 512 bytes (the default is 160 bytes).

The "/P" parameter tells COMMAND.COM that this instance of itself ispermanent. Without this parameter, COMMAND.COM would load itself intomemory, then terminate that instance of itself. In doing so, theprocess of running the AUTOEXEC.BAT file is skipped.
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