Windows Drivers for Summagraphics Digitizing Tablets

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Summagraphics has Microsoft Windows 3.1 compatible drivers for thefollowing digitizing tablets:
  • SummaSketch
  • MM 961
  • MM 1201 (2 Plus)
  • MM 1812 (2 Professional)
  • Microgrid II
  • Microgrid III
  • Summagrid III
  • BitPad Plus
  • BitPad II
To receive these drivers, contact Summagraphics.

The Windows 3.1 compatible drivers are version 2.02. Note that thisversion number applies to three different drivers; use the table belowto locate the driver you need.
Driver/Tablet Type          Product Name---------------------------------------------------1. Small Digitizing         SummaSketch   Tablet Driver            MM 961                            MM 1201 (2 Plus)                            MM 1812 (2 Professional)2. Grid-Style Driver        Microgrid II                            Microgrid III                            Summagrid III3. Bitpad-Type Driver       BitPad Plus                            BitPad II				

Windows 3.0

Summagraphics now has Microsoft Windows version 3.0 compatibledrivers available for the following digitizing tablets:
  • SummaSketch
  • MM 961
  • MM 1201
  • MM 1812
The current part numbers of the Summagraphics disks are as follows:
  • 5.25-inch, 64-5010-010
  • 3.5-inch, 64-5011-010
Earlier numbers on the disk indicate the drivers are not compatiblewith Windows 3.0.

The current version of the Windows drivers is version 1.0 (except forthe SummaSketch driver, which is version 1.01).

The products included here are manufactured by Summagraphics, vendorindependent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise,regarding these products' performance or reliability.
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