MS-DOS: Unable to Change Volume Label

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When you attempt to change the volume label with the LABEL command, itremains the same.
The volume label is stored in a directory entry in the root directory. Aroot directory entry that has the volume label attribute set is regarded asthe volume label by MS-DOS. If the volume label entry is in lowercase, MS-DOS will be unable to modify it.

MS-DOS will never write a lowercase volume label to a disk. However, it ispossible that a third-party program could write a lowercase volume label.

When MS-DOS displays the volume label, such as in a DIR or LABELcommand, it converts it to uppercase. This means that the volume labelmay appear in uppercase when MS-DOS displays it, but in actuality itcould be lowercase.

MS-DOS is unable to correct this problem. A third-party disk editormust be used to change the volume label to uppercase. Only a personfamiliar with MS-DOS directory structures should attempt to modify theroot directory.

The only other alternative to using a disk editor to correct thisproblem is to reformat the drive. Formatting will erases all theinformation stored on the drive including the volume label.
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