FIX: NMAKE 1.13 May Return U1002: Invalid Macro Invocation $

NMAKE version 1.13 generates the following error when an "extra"dollar sign ($) is used in an environment variable:
fatal error U1002: syntax error : invalid macro invocation '$'
Unlike previous versions, NMAKE version 1.13 evaluates allenvironment variables as inherited macros at initialization time.Because the $ character indicates that a macro follows, NMAKEattempts to evaluate the character following the final dollar signin the context of a macro. For example, using a command such as"Prompt $p$g$" to set the system prompt, and then using NMAKE 1.13,causes this error.
The online help for the U1002 error indicates that it occurs when asingle dollar sign ($) appears without a macro name associated withit. This error can be eliminated by avoiding extraneous dollarsigns in environment variables.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in NMAKE version 1.13for MS-DOS and OS/2. This problem was corrected in NMAKE version1.2 for MS-DOS and OS/2.
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