Differences Between IBM PC-DOS 5.0 and MS-DOS 5 Upgrades

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IBM is shipping their own version of the Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgradecalled PC-DOS 5.0 Upgrade. It is currently available from softwareretailers. This is quite different from the Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgradereleased by Microsoft.
Some of the major differences are as follows:

  1. Setup: IBM's Setup works basically the same, with some exceptions to the options available. You cannot install to floppy disks, and you must have IBM PC-DOS installed on the hard drive. Only IBM PC-DOS versions 2.1 to 5.0 are supported. You also must boot from the Upgrade to install.
  2. IBM PC-DOS 5.0 Upgrade has 122-key keyboard support.
  3. IBM PC-DOS 5.0 Upgrade has Icelandic code page support.
  4. IBM PC-DOS 5.0 Upgrade ships with Microsoft Mouse Driver version 7.04.
  5. IBM PC-DOS 5.0 Upgrade includes a utility to convert version 4.0 DOS Shell .MEU files into the current DOSSHELL.INI file.
  6. IBM PC-DOS 5.0 Upgrade does not include DEBUG.EXE and EXE2BIN.EXE. These programs must be purchased separately as part of the IBM Technical Reference.
  7. Date and Time of IBM PC-DOS files are 05-09-91 at 12:00p.
  8. The "IBM PC-DOS Getting Started" manual recommends using SMARTDRV.SYS as opposed to IBMCACHE.
  9. IBM PC-DOS 5.0 Upgrade includes AUTOCONF.EXE, which will make your original CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files compatible with DOS 5.0.
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