XL: How to Reverse the Order of Words in a Text String

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This article explains how to reverse the order of words in a comma-separated text string by using the FIND, LEFT, LEN, and RIGHT functions in Excel.
Suppose that there are two words separated by a comma in cell A1. A typical example is "LastName, FirstName". The following formula reverses the order of the two words and eliminates the comma:
=RIGHT(A1,(LEN(A1)-(FIND(",",A1)+1)))&" "&LEFT(A1,(FIND(",",A1)-1))
The formula searches for a comma and takes the text that falls to theleft of the comma; it then concatenates that text to the end of the textthat falls to the right of the comma. If A1 contains the text string"Jones, Bill", and you type the formula in cell B1, the textstring "Bill Jones" is returned.

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Microsoft Excel 2000 Standard Edition, Microsoft Excel 97 Standard Edition, Microsoft Excel 95 Standard Edition

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