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Works: How to Create Em Dash or En Dash in Word Processor

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There is no way to enter an em dash or en dash in the MicrosoftWorks for Windows Word Processor; however, a workaround is available.
Em and en dashes denote a sudden break in a writer's sentence that causes an abrupt change in the sentence structure. An en dash is slightly longer than a hyphen, and an em dash is twice as long as an en dash.


The em dash and en dash are available in most typefaces as an extendedcharacter. The keystrokes for entering these characters in are as follows:

  • To enter an em dash (-), press ALT+0151 (on the numeric keypad).

  • To enter an en dash (-), press ALT+0150 (on the numeric keypad).
For more information about this topic, see you Microsoft Works printeddocumentation or online help.
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