Column delimiters are missing in an Excel spreadsheet that is saved as text

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In Microsoft Office Excel, if you save a file in the text or in the CSV (commaseparated value) format, Excel puts tabs or commas between eachcolumn of the worksheet. However, certain text files may be saved with adifferent number of tabs or commas in 16-row blocks.
This behavior occurs only if the cells in the last column contain noinformation.
To make sure that Excel saves tab or comma delimiters for all emptycolumns, verify that the last column in the file contains some data in atleast every 16 rows throughout the file. If the blocks of rows do notcontain data, add spaces or other characters in every 16 rows to the cellsin the last column, or reorder the columns in the worksheet so that the lastcolumn on the worksheet always contains information.
Excel saves text files in 16-row blocks. Therefore, if all thecells in the last column in a 16-row block are empty, Excel savesthat area as if the column does not exist. No tabs or commas are saved forthat 16-row block.
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