DOCERR: $LARGE Not Identical to /AH with Local Arrays

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Page 300 of the Microsoft FORTRAN Reference Manual says that the $LARGEmetacommand specified without array names is identical to compiling thesource module with the /AH compiler option.

The $LARGE metacommand is not equivalent to the /AH compiler option. the$LARGE metacommand will specify the HUGE attribute on all declared arrays.The /AH compiler option will assume that only array formal arguments willbe given the HUGE attribute, and only then the array will be assumed toexceed 64K.

This is not an issue with FORTRAN PowerStation, because these attributesare not supported
The following code will produce the warning "F4330: I: NEAR/FAR/HUGEequivalence attribute conflict," illustrating that the $LARGEmetacommand is treating the local array 'I' as HUGE. Removing $LARGEand compiling with /AH removes this error message.

Sample code

$LARGE      integer i(2),j      equivalence (i(1),j)      end				
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