Problems with LAN Manager Updates and OS/2 1.3

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When running UPDATE.EXE, LAN Manager overrides the default IBM OS/2 1.3 spooler with its own spooler files located in the LAN Manager tree. These spooler files are from the OS/2 version 1.21 spooler, and are not totally compatible with OS/2 version 1.3. The following problems have been verified to be the result of this mismatch of spooler files:

  • Missing printer installer in the print manager. This problem occurs because the OS/2 1.21 spooler does not have the built-in print installer menu option that is part of the OS/2 1.3 print manager.
  • Detach failing when trying to apply a patch or run LAN Manager 2.0c on a server running IBM OS/2 1.3 because LMPRINT seems to be in use even though there are no printers or queues using LMPRINT.
  • The SYS2070 error, which states that the application code segment for PMSPL is in error and cannot be loaded, occurs with OS/2 1.30.1. For additional information, the SYS2070 error says to see SYS0182. (This error occurs when the OS/2 1.21 PMSPL.DLL is used with the OS/2 1.3 spooler.)
UPDATE.EXE installs PMSPL.DLL and PMSPOOL.EXE in the LANMAN tree on all versions of OS/2. These files should be installed only on systems with OS/2 versions 1.2 and earlier (SETUP.EXE has special case code to handle this; therefore, clean installations of LAN Manager 2.0 should not experience this problem, only those that used UPDATE.EXE).
The best workaround is to remove or delete these two files (PMSPL.DLL and PMSPOOL.EXE) from the LAN Manager NETPROG and NETLIB directories immediately after running the update and before rebooting, because they are NOT needed with OS/2 1.3.

If you have already rebooted your system after upgrading and now have the OS/2 1.21 spooler files in use by the OS/2 1.3 operating system, use one of the following two workarounds:

(Note: These workarounds assume LAN Manager is installed in the default C:\LANMAN directory. If not, replace C:\LANMAN with the correct path.)

  1. Boot from a floppy disk and remove the following files:

    1. Log on as a local admin and remove any ACLs on C:\LANMAN\NETPROG\PMSPOOL.EXE and C:\LANMAN\NETLIB\PSMPL.DLL.
    2. Boot with the OS/2 install floppy disk, press ESC to get a shell, and delete C:\LANMAN\NETPROG\PMSPOOL.EXE and C:\LANMAN\NETLIB\PMSPL.DLL.
    Reboot; your print manager should now be the version 1.3 print manager.
  2. Edit CONFIG.SYS to load the OS/2 1.3 spooler before the LAN Manager spooler.

    Note: Be careful when attempting this workaround. If the CONFIG.SYS file is edited incorrectly, the server software may not load at all, leaving no access to the hard drive. The only option will then be to reformat your hard drive.

    1. Carefully edit the CONFIG.SYS file:

      1. Move C:\OS2\DLL before C:\LANMAN\NETLIB in the LIBPATH entry.
      2. Move C:\OS2 before C:\LANMAN\NETPROG in the PATH entry.
    2. Reboot; everything should come up fine. If you are running local security, however, the message "local security could not be started, the system is booting in privileged mode" will appear. This is because you are using the OS/2 CACHE.EXE and not the LAN Manager CACHE.EXE. This message can be ignored temporarily; complete the following steps immediately to complete this workaround and restore local security.
    3. Remove or rename the C:\LANMAN\NETLIB\PMSPL.DLL and C:\LANMAN\NETPROG\PMSPOOL.EXE files.
    4. Edit CONFIG.SYS and place the LAN Manager references before the OS/2 references (see step 1 above).
    Reboot; your print manager should now be the version 1.3 print manager.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in LAN Manager version 2.0. This problem was corrected in LAN Manager version 2.1.

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