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Fonts in Works for Windows Dialog Box Corrupted

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The dialog boxes (including the startup screens) in Microsoft Worksfor Windows use the Helvetica typeface. If no fonts of this typefaceare available, the system will pick an appropriate substitute from thelist of installed screen fonts. This may produce undesirable resultssuch as unreadable dialog box text in Works for Windows, and will doso especially if third-party screen fonts have been installed. Thisalso can occur if the FILES= statement in the CONFIG.SYS file are settoo low.
A low FILES= line or corrupt Helv screen font will also affect theinitial copyright screen and cause the buttons on the toolbar tooverlap. For example:

  1. The Font Size arrow may obscure the Bold button.

  2. If you select the Fonts icon from the Control Panel, there will be no examples of the font selected.
In the [FontSubstitutes] section of the WIN.INI file in Windows 3.1, Helvis set to MS Sans Serif. If MS Sans Serif is missing or corrupt, theopening dialog box and the Font list box will be corrupt.

FILES= Statement Set too Low

If any of these problems occur, check your CONFIG.SYS file; make surethat there is only one FILES= statement and that it is set to at least 30.If you are running MS-DOS version 5.0 or later, it is recommended that you set the files to 60. For example, if your CONFIG.SYS file includes the line "FILES=10", the fonts will be unreadable when you start Works for Windows. In this case, do the following:

  1. Change the files line to "FILES=30" or a number greater.
  2. Exit Windows, restart the machine, and restart Works for Windows.
The font corruption should be corrected.

Helv Font Still Corrupted

If you still have the font corruption problem, reinstall the Helvfont, as follows:

  1. Determine the video resolution Windows is running by selecting the Windows Setup icon from the Main program group.
  2. Run Control Panel and select the Fonts icon.
  3. If the correct Helv font for your video resolution is already installed but is corrupt, remove it from the Control Panel and delete it from the hard drive, then restart Windows before continuing.
  4. Choose the Add button.
  5. Insert the disk that contains the Helv fonts. If you have 5.25-inch Windows disks, this is Disk 4. If you have 3.5-inch Windows disks, it is on Disk 6. Select your drive from the Directories list box.
  6. Select one of the following files and choose OK. The file you choose depends on your video resolution:
          CGA      HELVA.FON      EGA      HELVB.FON      VGA      HELVE.FON      8514/a   HELVF.FON					
After you exit and restart Windows, the problem should be corrected.

For more information about installing screen fonts in Windows, refer tothe "Microsoft Windows User's Guide," for version 3.0, pages 178-180,or query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
adding and screen fonts and works
NOTE: Overlapping buttons on the toolbar can also be caused by alarge-window border-width setting. For more information about thisproblem, query on the following words:
tool bar and buttons and border width
"Microsoft Windows User's Guide," version 3.0, pages 178-180
opening welcome menu Disp large window border width tool bar

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