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Novell has versions of IPX.COM and VIPX.386 available through CompuServe.These files are contained within two separate compressed (PKZIP) files andare located in the Novell forum.

If you use one of the new files without the other, Windows halts whileloading and returns an error message indicating that VIPX.386 cannotload.
The following error messages may result if you load Windows in 386 enhancedmode with mismatched IPX.COM and VIPX.386 files:
VIPX.386 could not load since a proper version of IPX was not in memory. In order to access a NetWare file server from Windows, be sure to run the IPX and Shell programs before starting Windows.
This error occurs because IPX.COM version 3.1 requires a later versionof VIPX.386. If you receive this error message, either use an olderversion of IPX.COM or obtain the latest version of VIPX.386. This fileis dated 11-21-91 and has a file size of 18998 bytes. The file islocated on CompuServe in a file named VIPX.ZIP.

The following is another error message you may receive:
VIPX.386 could not load since a proper version of IPX was not in memory. Please upgrade your IPX to the most current version. Be sure to load IPX before starting Windows.
This error occurs if you have not upgraded IPX.COM to version 3.1. Ifyou receive this error message, do one of the following:

  • Use an earlier version of VIPX.386, such as the version that ships with Microsoft Windows version 3.0 or the Microsoft Windows 3.0 Supplemental Driver Library (SDL).

  • From CompuServe, download version 3.1 of IPX and regenerate the shell. This version is contained in a file called DOSUP4.ZIP.
These workstation files are available in the Novell forum onCompuServe. Customers should log onto CompuServe, and type thefollowing at the ! prompt:
GO Novell
For additional information, contact Novell technical support.

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