Can't Double or Single-Click Microsoft Mouse Buttons

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If the primary button on your Microsoft Mouse won't double-click inWindows, try changing the double-click speed or swapping the primary andsecondary buttons.
If your Microsoft Mouse primary button does not seem to befunctioning, open the Mouse Control Panel and move the double-clickspeed bar so that it is on the slowest double-click speed possible.

If that does not help, switch the mouse buttons in the Windows ControlPanel to see if the same symptoms occur with the other mouse buttonset as the primary button. When the buttons are switched, the rightbutton behaves as the left button does normally.

If the problem is severe enough that you cannot open the WindowsControl Panel with the mouse, you can use the keyboard to open it. Todo this, use the following steps (if you have driver version 8.0 orlater, similar steps should be used to open the Mouse Control Panel):

  1. Press ALT+W to open the Program Manager Window menu.
  2. Using the arrow keys, select Main from the list of groups and press ENTER. (Note that Control Panel is in the Main group by default.)
  3. Use the arrow keys to select the Control Panel icon and press ENTER to open it.
  4. With the arrow keys, move to the Mouse icon and press ENTER to start the Mouse Control Panel.
  5. Press TAB to switch the setting of the Swap Left/Right Buttons check box and press the SPACEBAR to activate it, or press ALT+S to activate the Swap option.
If driver version 8.0 or later is being used, from the Mouse ControlPanel, choose the Buttons button. You will be prompted to press andrelease the primary mouse button. Press and release the right mousebutton instead of the left button.

With this option activated, try to use the Microsoft Mouse with thebuttons swapped (that is, double-click the right button on an icon).If the right button works properly, the left button is probablydefective and you should call Microsoft Sales Information Center (MSIC) at(800) 426-9400 to get it repaired. However, if the right button also doesnot work, take your Microsoft Mouse to another machine that has a workingMicrosoft Mouse on it (if one is available). Turn off the machine, unplugthe working mouse and plug in the suspect Microsoft Mouse. Turn the machineon to see if the suspect Microsoft Mouse now works. The left button shouldbe the primary button and you should be able to use it for double-clickingicons in Windows. If it does work, there may be a software conflict or aport problem on the other machine. If it does not work, call MicrosoftSales Information Center (MSIC) for information on how to return yourMicrosoft Mouse for repair.

NOTE: Depending on which version of the Microsoft Mouse driver you areusing, you may have two separate Mouse Control Panels. One called the"Windows Control Panel" is found by default under the Main group. Theother one is the "Mouse" or "BallPoint Mouse" control panel; these areput into their own groups. If you have two control panels, try adjustingthe double-click speed in both to make sure they are consistent.
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