MS-DOS EDIT and QBASIC Command Line Switches

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This article describes the command line switches you can use to enhance ormodify the performance of the MS-DOS Editor and QBasic utilities.
Editor is a full screen text editor. QBasic is a program that readsinstructions written in Basic and interprets them into executablecomputer code.

The EDIT command starts Editor from the command prompt. QBASIC starts theQBasic Interpreter from the command prompt. Both Editor and QBasic may beexecuted with a switch or combination of switches to enhance or modifytheir performance. The following is a description of the switches availableand how they affect Editor and QBasic:
    Switch   Description   ------   -----------   /B       Displays Editor or QBasic in black and white. This switch            should be used to run Editor or QBasic on a monochrome            monitor with a color graphics card. If the Editor or            QBasic pull-down menus do not show the short cut keys on a            CGA monitor, then use the /B switch when starting Editor            or QBasic.   /G       Use this switch with a CGA monitor to provide the fastest            screen updating.   /H       Use this switch to display the maximum number of lines on            the screen that the monitor supports.   /NOHI    Editor and QBasic are designed for 16 color monitors, but            this switch allows Editor or QBasic to function on an            eight color monitor. If Editor or QBasic pull-down menus            do not show the short cut keys on a system that does not            support bold characters, use the /NOHI switch when            starting Editor or QBasic.				
The following switches may be used only with QBasic:
   Switch     Description   ------     -----------   /EDITOR    Invokes Editor.   /MBF       Converts the built-in functions MKS$,MKD$,CVS$, and CVD              to MKSMBF$, MKDMBF$, CVSMBF, and CVDMBF, respectively.   /RUN       Runs a specified Basic program before displaying it.				
To start Editor with the /NOHI switch, type the following command atthe command prompt:
edit /nohi
To start QBasic and run the program MYPROG.BAS, type the following atthe command prompt:
qbasic /run myprog.bas

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