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MS-DOS Err Msg: Not Resetting System|Hidden File

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If a file is marked with both the hidden (h) and system (s) attributes, andyou attempt to remove one of the attributes with the MS-DOS ATTRIB command,the command fails and an error message similar to following is displayed:
Not resetting <type> file [drive:][path][filename]
where <type> is "system" or "hidden."

Similarly, if the file is marked read-only (r) and has the hidden(h) andsystem (s) attribute(s) set, you must remove the hidden and systemattribute(s) before you can change the read-only attribute.
Use the MS-DOS ATTRIB command to remove BOTH the hidden and systemattributes at the same time. If the file is marked hidden, system, AND read-only, either remove all attributes simultaneously, or remove hidden andsystem attributes first, then the read-only attribute.
If a file has both the hidden and system attributes set, an attempt toremove only one of the attributes failS with one of the above errormessages. For example, if the file C:\ONE.TWO is marked as both system andhidden, the command(s)
c:\dos\attrib c:\one.two -h

c:\dos\attrib c:\one.two -s
produce the respective error messages:
Not resetting system file C:\ONE.TWO
Not resetting hidden file C:\ONE.TWO
To remove either attribute, use the following command to remove BOTHattributes at the same time:
c:\dos\attrib c:\one.two -s -h
If necessary, you can use the following command to remove the read-only,system, and hidden attributes simultaneously:
c:\dos\attrib c:\one.two -s -h -r
5.00 5.00a 6.00 6.20 6.22 attrib.exe

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