PRB: "Access Denied" Error Messages When You Do Not Put Strong-Named Assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache

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If you do not put strong-named assemblies (or private strong-named assemblies) in the global assembly cache, and then you use these assemblies in your ASP.NET application, Indexing Service may experience "Access Denied" errors for these strong-named assemblies.
Strong-named assemblies are loaded as domain neutral for ASP.NET applications. Because these assemblies are not unloaded until the process is unloaded, the file may remain locked. Therefore, when Indexing Service monitors the temporary ASP.NET folder and the Web root folders, you may receive "Access Denied" error messages for strong-named assemblies that are not in the global assembly cache.
  • Because strong-named assemblies are loaded as domain neutral for ASP.NET applications, do not put strong-named assemblies in the Bin folder of your ASP.NET application. Strong-named assemblies are only supported in the global assembly cache for ASP.NET.
  • Private strong-named assemblies (strong-named assemblies that are located in the Bin folder of an ASP.NET application) are not supported.
  • If you want to use a private assembly, do not make this assembly a strong-named assembly for ASP.NET applications.
This behavior is by design.
Microsoft recommends that you do not configure Indexing Service or antivirus applications to monitor the ASP.NET temporary folder or the Web application folders, regardless of whether your ASP.NET applications use strong-named assemblies.
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