Computer May Experience a Stop 0x50 (Pool Corruption) Error in NT!ObGetObjectSecurity

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Your computer may receive a Bugcheck error message similar to the following message:
PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (50)Invalid system memory was referenced.
This cannot be protected by try-except, it must be protected by a Probe.
Typically the address is just plain bad or it is pointing at freed memory.

Arg1: bad0b150, memory referenced.
Arg2: 00000000, value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation.
Arg3: 80450059, If non-zero, the instruction address which referenced the bad memory address.
Arg4: 00000000, (reserved)

Debugging Details:

READ_ADDRESS: The call to LoadLibrary(srasbg) failed, Win32 error 2
"The system cannot find the file specified." Please check your debugger configuration and/or network access. bad0b150 Nonpaged pool

80450059 81bea000000000125080 cmp dword ptr [esi+0xa0],0x80501200




TRAP_FRAME: f7b67b7c -- (.trap fffffffff7b67b7c)
ErrCode = 00000000
eax=f7b67c60 ebx=f8c9ed60 ecx=f9306d48 edx=f7b67cd4 esi=bad0b0b0 edi=f7b67c74
eip=80450059 esp=f7b67bf0 ebp=f7b67c00 iopl=0 nv up ei pl zr na po nc cs=0008 ss=0010
ds=0023 es=0023 fs=0030 gs=0000 efl=00010246
80450059 81bea000000000125080 cmp dword ptr [esi+0xa0],0x80501200

Resetting default context

LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 804e3b0a to 80450059

f7b67c00 804e3b0a f8c9ed60 f7b67c60 f7b67cc8 nt!ObGetObjectSecurity+0x11
f7b67ce4 804e32fc 04e1da9c 001f0fff 00000000 nt!PspCreateProcess+0x7d6
f7b67d3c 80465db9 04e1da9c 001f0fff 00000000 nt!NtCreateProcess+0x90
f7b67d3c 77f9143d 04e1da9c 001f0fff 00000000 nt!KiSystemService+0xc9
04e1d538 77e9b102 04e1da9c 001f0fff 00000000 ntdll!NtCreateProcess+0xb
04e1dc00 77e99b1e 00000000 001374e8 7ffdcc00 KERNEL32!CreateProcessInternalW+0xe13
04e1dcfc 77e99b6c 00000000 00000000 04e1e078 KERNEL32!CreateProcessInternalA+0x2d7
04e1dd30 00409552 00000000 04e1e078 00000000 KERNEL32!CreateProcessA+0x28
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
00000002 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 pbfilsrv+0x9552

FOLLOWUP_IP: nt!ObGetObjectSecurity+11
80450059 81bea000000000125080 cmp dword ptr [esi+0xa0],0x80501200


SYMBOL_NAME: nt!ObGetObjectSecurity+11

MODULE_NAME: nt IMAGE_NAME: ntkrnlmp.exe


STACK_COMMAND: .trap fffffffff7b67b7c ; kb

BUCKET_ID: 0x50_nt!ObGetObjectSecurity+11

Service Pack Information

To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Microsoft Windows 2000. For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
260910 How to Obtain the Latest Windows 2000 Service Pack

Hotfix Information

A supported hotfix is available from Microsoft. However, this hotfix is intended to correct only the problem that is described in this article. Apply this hotfix only to systems that are experiencing this specific problem.

If the hotfix is available for download, there is a "Hotfix download available" section at the top of this Knowledge Base article. If this section does not appear, submit a request to Microsoft Customer Service and Support to obtain the hotfix.

Note If additional issues occur or if any troubleshooting is required, you might have to create a separate service request. The usual support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for this specific hotfix. For a complete list of Microsoft Customer Service and Support telephone numbers or to create a separate service request, visit the following Microsoft Web site: Note The "Hotfix download available" form displays the languages for which the hotfix is available. If you do not see your language, it is because a hotfix is not available for that language.The English version of this fix has the file attributes (or later) that are listed in the following table. The dates and times for these files are listed in coordinated universal time (UTC). When you view the file information, it is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time tool in Control Panel.
   Date         Time     Version        Size        File name   ------------------------------------------------------------   30-Mar-2003  15:03   5.0.2195.6688     42,256   Basesrv.dll   14-Feb-2003  18:49   5.0.2195.6660    222,992   Gdi32.dll   30-Mar-2003  15:03   5.0.2195.6688    710,928   Kernel32.dll   04-Feb-2003  18:15   5.0.2195.6661     29,264   Mountmgr.sys   30-Mar-2003  15:03   5.0.2195.6669    333,072   Msgina.dll   30-Mar-2003  15:03   5.0.2195.6685    476,944   Ntdll.dll   28-Mar-2003  17:19   5.0.2195.6696  1,694,912   Ntkrnlmp.exe   28-Mar-2003  17:19   5.0.2195.6696  1,693,952   Ntkrnlpa.exe   28-Mar-2003  17:19   5.0.2195.6696  1,714,944   Ntkrpamp.exe   28-Mar-2003  17:19   5.0.2195.6696  1,672,448   Ntoskrnl.exe   21-Mar-2003  19:43   5.0.2195.6692     90,232   Rdpwd.sys   28-Mar-2003  18:50   5.0.2195.6680  3,988,992   Sp3res.dll   14-Mar-2003  17:48      6,656   Spmsg.dll   14-Mar-2003  17:51     89,088   Spuninst.exe   30-Mar-2003  15:03   5.0.2195.6688    380,176   User32.dll   30-Mar-2003  15:03   5.0.2195.6685    385,296   Userenv.dll   28-Mar-2003  17:17   5.0.2195.6696  1,628,688   Win32k.sys   11-Mar-2003  13:15   5.0.2195.6682    181,008   Winlogon.exe   14-Feb-2003  18:49   5.0.2195.6655    243,472   Winsrv.dll   30-Mar-2003  15:03   5.0.2195.6688    710,928   Uniproc\Kernel32.dll   30-Mar-2003  15:03   5.0.2195.6685    476,944   Uniproc\Ntdll.dll   30-Mar-2003  15:03   5.0.2195.6696  1,628,688   Uniproc\Win32k.sys   14-Feb-2003  18:49   5.0.2195.6655    243,472   Uniproc\Winsrv.dll   21-Mar-2003  19:43   5.0.2195.6692     90,200   56Bit\Rdpwd.sys 

Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article. This problem was first corrected in Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4.

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Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

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