Rebooting from a Batch File with SMARTDRV.EXE Loaded

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If a command that causes the computer to reboot is used in a batchfile while SMARTDRV.EXE is loaded, the following command shouldprecede the reboot command:
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SMARTDRV.EXE writes data to the disk in the background. Normally, thecache (or buffer) that contains this information is flushed when thereis a brief pause in activity. However, in a batch file, there is nosignificant pause between commands, so it is not possible forSMARTDRV.EXE to flush its cache before a reboot command is given. Thiscan result in data loss. To correct this problem, you must explicitlytell SMARTDRV.EXE to flush its cache. This is done by executingSMARTDRV.EXE with the /C parameter as shown above.

For more information on a program that will reboot the computer from abatch file, query on the following words in the Microsoft KnowledgeBase:
reboot and batch and jmp
3.10 3.1 3.11 SMARTDRV.SYS win31 winmem

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