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Complete Removal of a Windows Printer Driver

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To remove all information from your system concerning a specific Windowsprinter driver, do the following:
  1. Run Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the Printers icon.
  3. Select the printer to be removed.
  4. Choose the Configure button.
  5. Choose the Remove button. This removes the printer from the Installed Printers list.
  6. From the File Manager or MS-DOS, delete the driver file (.DRV file) corresponding to the removed printer. Refer to the table below for information on specific printers and their corresponding driver files.
  7. Edit the [Windows] section of the WIN.INI file and remove the information following the "Device=" line. (This line contains information about the current default printer). For example, change
    Device=Postscript Printer, Pscript, lpt1:


  8. Remove the section of the WIN.INI file that contains information about the specific printer driver. The title of this section contains the name of the printer and the port to which it was initially configured. For example:
  9. Exit Windows. Restart Windows.
The following list contains supported Windows 3.0 printers and theircorresponding printer driver files.
Printer                                                 Driver File-------                                                 -----------Generic / Text Only                                     TTY.DRVAgfa 9000 Series PS [PostScript Printer]                PSCRIPT.DRVAgfa Compugraphic 400PS [PostScript Printer]            PSCRIPT.DRVAgfa Compugraphic Genics [PCL / HP LaserJet]            HPPCL.DRVApple LaserWriter [PostScript Printer]                  PSCRIPT.DRVApple LaserWriter II NT/NTX [PostScript Printer]        PSCRIPT.DRVApple LaserWriter Plus [PostScript Printer]             PSCRIPT.DRVApricot Laser [PCL / HP LaserJet]                       HPPCL.DRVAST TurboLaser/PS - R4081 [PostScript Printer]          PSCRIPT.DRVAT&T 435                                                HPPLOT.DRVAT&T 470/475                                            CITOH.DRVAT&T 473/478                                            IBMGRX.DRVC-Itoh 8510                                             CITOH.DRVCanon LBP-8II                                           LBP8II.DRVCanon LBP-8III/LBP-4                                    CANONIII.DRVDataproducts LZR-2665 [PostScript Printer]              PSCRIPT.DRVDigital LN03R ScriptPrinter [PostScript Printer]        PSCRIPT.DRVDigital LPS PrintServer 40 [PostScript Printer]         PSCRIPT.DRVEpson DFX-5000 [Epson 9 pin]                            EPSON9.DRVEpson EPL-6000 [PCL / HP LaserJet]                      HPPCL.DRVEpson EX-800/1000 [Epson 9 pin]                         EPSON9.DRVEpson FX-100 [Epson 9 pin]                              EPSON9.DRVEpson FX-100+ [Epson 9 pin]                             EPSON9.DRVEpson FX-185/286 [Epson 9 pin]                          EPSON9.DRVEpson FX-80 [Epson 9 pin]                               EPSON9.DRVEpson FX-80+ [Epson 9 pin]                              EPSON9.DRVEpson FX-85 [Epson 9 pin]                               EPSON9.DRVEpson FX-86e/286e [Epson 9 pin]                         EPSON9.DRVEpson FX-850/1050 [Epson 9 pin]                         EPSON9.DRVEpson GQ-3500 [PCL / HP LaserJet]                       HPPCL.DRVEpson JX-80 [Epson 9 pin]                               EPSON9.DRVEpson L-750/1000 [Epson 24 pin]                         EPSON24.DRVEpson LQ-500/510 [Epson 24 pin]                         EPSON24.DRVEpson LQ-800/1000 [Epson 24 pin]                        EPSON24.DRVEpson LQ-850/950/1050 [Epson 24 pin]                    EPSON24.DRVEpson LQ-1500 [Epson 24 pin]                            EPSON24.DRVEpson LQ-2500/2550 [Epson 24 pin]                       EPSON24.DRVEpson LX-80 [Epson 9 pin]                               EPSON9.DRVEpson LX-86 [Epson 9 pin]                               EPSON9.DRVEpson LX-800/810 [Epson 9 pin]                          EPSON9.DRVEpson MX-100 [Epson 9 pin]                              EPSON9.DRVEpson MX-80/80F/T [Epson 9 pin]                         EPSON9.DRVEpson RX-100 [Epson 9 pin]                              EPSON9.DRVEpson RX-80/80F/T [Epson 9 pin]                         EPSON9.DRVEpson SQ-2500 [Epson 24 pin]                            EPSON24.DRVEpson T-750 [Epson 9 pin]                               EPSON9.DRVEpson T-1000 [Epson 9 pin]                              EPSON9.DRVFujitsu DL 2400 [Fujitsu Dot Matrix]                    FUJIMTRX.DRVFujitsu DL 2600 [Fujitsu Dot Matrix]                    FUJIMTRX.DRVFujitsu DL 3300 [Fujitsu Dot Matrix]                    FUJIMTRX.DRVFujitsu DL 3400 [Fujitsu Dot Matrix]                    FUJIMTRX.DRVFujitsu DL 5600 [Fujitsu Dot Matrix]                    FUJIMTRX.DRVFujitsu DX 2200 [Fujitsu Dot Matrix]                    FUJIMTRX.DRVFujitsu DX 2300 [Fujitsu Dot Matrix]                    FUJIMTRX.DRVFujitsu DX 2400 [Fujitsu Dot Matrix]                    FUJIMTRX.DRVFujitsu DX 3100 [Fujitsu Dot Matrix]                    FUJIMTRX.DRVHermes 820                                              TH760.DRVHP 7470A [HP Plotter]                                   HPPLOT.DRVHP 7475A [HP Plotter]                                   HPPLOT.DRVHP 7550A [HP Plotter]                                   HPPLOT.DRVHP 7580A [HP Plotter]                                   HPPLOT.DRVHP 7580B [HP Plotter]                                   HPPLOT.DRVHP 7585A [HP Plotter]                                   HPPLOT.DRVHP 7585B [HP Plotter]                                   HPPLOT.DRVHP 7586B [HP Plotter]                                   HPPLOT.DRVHP ColorPro [HP Plotter]                                HPPLOT.DRVHP ColorPro with GEC [HP Plotter]                       HPPLOT.DRVHP DeskJet Family                                       DESKJET.DRVHP DraftPro [HP Plotter]                                HPPLOT.DRVHP DraftPro DXL [HP Plotter]                            HPPLOT.DRVHP DraftPro EXL [HP Plotter]                            HPPLOT.DRVHP DraftMaster I [HP Plotter]                           HPPLOT.DRVHP DraftMaster II [HP Plotter]                          HPPLOT.DRVHP LaserJet [PCL / HP LaserJet]                         HPPCL.DRVHP LaserJet IID [PCL / HP LaserJet]                     HPPCL.DRVHP LaserJet IIP [PCL / HP LaserJet]                     HPPCL.DRVHP LaserJet III                                         hppcl5a.drvHP LaserJet Plus [PCL / HP LaserJet]                    HPPCL.DRVHP LaserJet 500+ [PCL / HP LaserJet]                    HPPCL.DRVHP LaserJet Series II [PCL / HP LaserJet]               HPPCL.DRVHP LaserJet 2000 [PCL / HP LaserJet]                    HPPCL.DRVHP PaintJet Series                                      PAINTJET.DRVHP ThinkJet (2225 C-D)                                  THINKJET.DRVIBM Color Printer                                       IBMCOLOR.DRVIBM Graphics                                            IBMGRX.DRVIBM Laser Printer 4019                                  ibm4019.drvIBM Personal Pageprinter [PostScript Printer]           PSCRIPT.DRVIBM Personal Page Printer II-030 [PostScript Printer]   PSCRIPT.DRVIBM Personal Page Printer II-031 [PostScript Printer]   PSCRIPT.DRVIBM Proprinter [IBM Proprinters]                        proprint.DRVIBM Proprinter II [IBM Proprinters]                     proprint.DRVIBM Proprinter III [IBM Proprinters]                    proprint.DRVIBM Proprinter X24 [IBM Proprinter 24]                  proprn24.DRVIBM Proprinter X24e [IBM Proprinter 24]                 proprn24.DRVIBM Proprinter XL [IBM Proprinters]                     proprint.DRVIBM Proprinter XL II [IBM Proprinters]                  proprint.DRVIBM Proprinter XL24 [IBM Proprinter 24]                 proprn24.DRVIBM Proprinter XL24e [IBM Proprinter 24]                proprn24.DRVIBM QuietWriter III                                     QWIII.DRVKyocera F-Series [PCL / HP LaserJet]                    HPPCL.DRVLinotronic 100/300/500 [PostScript Printer]             PSCRIPT.DRVNEC Colormate PS [PostScript Printer]                   PSCRIPT.DRVNEC PinWriter CP6 [NEC Pinwriter]                       NEC24pin.DRVNEC PinWriter CP7 [NEC Pinwriter]                       NEC24pin.DRVNEC PinWriter P5 [NEC Pinwriter]                        NEC24pin.DRVNEC PinWriter P5XL [NEC Pinwriter]                      NEC24pin.DRVNEC PinWriter P6 [NEC Pinwriter]                        NEC24pin.DRVNEC PinWriter P7 [NEC Pinwriter]                        NEC24pin.DRVNEC PinWriter P9XL [NEC Pinwriter]                      NEC24pin.DRVNEC PinWriter P2200 [NEC Pinwriter]                     NEC24pin.DRVNEC PinWriter P5200 [NEC Pinwriter]                     NEC24pin.DRVNEC PinWriter P5300 [NEC Pinwriter]                     NEC24pin.DRVNEC Silentwriter LC 860 [PCL / HP LaserJet]             HPPCL.DRVNEC Silentwriter LC 860 Plus [PCL / HP LaserJet]        HPPCL.DRVNEC Silentwriter LC 890 [PostScript Printer]            PSCRIPT.DRVNEC Silentwriter LC 890XL [PostScript Printer]          PSCRIPT.DRVOkidata 92/93-IBM                                       IBMGRX.DRVOkidata ML 192 [Okidata 9 Pin]                          OKI9.DRVOkidata ML 193 [Okidata 9 Pin]                          OKI9.DRVOkidata ML 320 [Okidata 9 Pin]                          OKI9.DRVOkidata ML 321 [Okidata 9 Pin]                          OKI9.DRVOkidata ML 192-IBM [Okidata 9 Pin IBM]                  OKI9IBM.DRVOkidata ML 193-IBM [Okidata 9 Pin IBM]                  OKI9IBM.DRVOkidata ML 320-IBM [Okidata 9 Pin IBM]                  OKI9IBM.DRVOkidata ML 321-IBM [Okidata 9 Pin IBM]                  OKI9IBM.DRVOkidata 390/391 [Okidata 24 pin]                        OKI24.DRVOkidata 393 [Okidata 24 pin]                            OKI24.DRVOkidata 393C [Okidata 24 pin]                           OKI24.DRVOkidata LaserLine 6 [PCL / HP LaserJet]                 HPPCL.DRVOlivetti DM 100/1 [Olivetti DM 100...590]               OLIPRINT.DRVOlivetti DM 100/2 [Olivetti DM 100...590]               OLIPRINT.DRVOlivetti DM 100/4 [Olivetti DM 100...590]               OLIPRINT.DRVOlivetti DM 105 [Olivetti DM 100...590]                 OLIPRINT.DRVOlivetti DM 250 [Olivetti DM 250/400]                   OLIPRIN2.DRVOlivetti DM 280/282 [Olivetti DM 100...590]             OLIPRINT.DRVOlivetti DM 286/296 [Olivetti DM 100...590]             OLIPRINT.DRVOlivetti DM 290/292 [Olivetti DM 100...590]             OLIPRINT.DRVOlivetti DM 400 [Olivetti DM 250/400]                   OLIPRIN2.DRVOlivetti DM 580 [Olivetti DM 100...590]                 OLIPRINT.DRVOlivetti DM 590 [Olivetti DM 100...590]                 OLIPRINT.DRVOlivetti DM 600                                         DM600.DRVOlivetti ETV 5000 [PCL / HP LaserJet]                   HPPCL.DRVOlivetti PG 108 [PCL / HP LaserJet]                     HPPCL.DRVOlivetti PG 208 M2 [PCL / HP LaserJet]                  HPPCL.DRVOlivetti PG 303 [PostScript Printer]                    PSCRIPT.DRVOlivetti PG 308 HS [PCL / HP LaserJet]                  HPPCL.DRVOlivetti PG 308 HS [PostScript Printer]                 PSCRIPT.DRVOlivetti PR 15B/17B [Olivetti PR 15/17/19]              OLIPRINT.DRVOlivetti PR 19B [Olivetti PR 15/17/19]                  OLIPRINT.DRVOlivetti PR 24                                          OLIPRIN2.DRVOlivetti TH 760                                         TH760.DRVQMS ColorScript 100 [PostScript Printer]                PSCRIPT.DRVQMS-PS 800 [PostScript Printer]                         PSCRIPT.DRVQMS-PS 800 Plus [PostScript Printer]                    PSCRIPT.DRVQMS-PS 810 [PostScript Printer]                         PSCRIPT.DRVQuadLaser I [PCL / HP LaserJet]                         HPPCL.DRVTandy LP-1000 [PCL / HP LaserJet]                       HPPCL.DRVTegra Genesis [PCL / HP LaserJet]                       HPPCL.DRVTI 850/855                                              TI850.DRVTI OmniLaser 2108 [PostScript Printer]                  PSCRIPT.DRVTI OmniLaser 2115 [PostScript Printer]                  PSCRIPT.DRVToshiba P351                                            TOSHIBA.DRVToshiba P1351                                           TOSHIBA.DRVToshiba PageLaser12 [PCL / HP LaserJet]                 HPPCL.DRVVarityper VT-600 [PostScript Printer]                   PSCRIPT.DRVWang LCS15 [PostScript Printer]                         PSCRIPT.DRVWang LCS15 FontPlus [PostScript Printer]                PSCRIPT.DRVWang LDP8 [PCL / HP LaserJet]                           HPPCL.DRV				
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