You may receive a "Run-time error 1004" error message when you programmatically set a large array string to a range in Excel 2003

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In Office Excel 2003, when you programmatically set a range value with an array containing a large string, you may receive an error message similar to the following:
Run-time error '1004'.
Application-defined or operation-defined error.
This issue may occur if one or more of the cells in an array (range of cells) contain a character string that is set to contain more than 911 characters.
To work around this issue, edit the script so that no cells in the array contain a character string that holds more than 911 characters.

For example, the following line of code from the example code block below defines a character string that contains 912 characters:
Sub XLTest()Dim aValues(4)   aValues(0) = "Test1"  aValues(1) = "Test2"  aValues(2) = "Test3"   MsgBox "First the Good range set."  aValues(3) = String(911, 65)    Range("A1:D1").Value = aValues   MsgBox "Now the bad range set."  aValues(3) = String(912, 66)  Range("A2:D2").Value = aValues End Sub
A character string is a series of characters that are manipulated as a group. The length of a character string is typically the number of characters in it, or the length is pre-defined, as it is in this case.
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