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The wireless keyboard or mouse may not respond and may start and stop at irregular intervals

When you try to use one of the devices listed in the "Applies To" section, the device may not respond or may start and stop at irregular intervals.
This issue may occur if there is an object that interferes with the wireless device signal such as metal desks (common) and in some cases monitors.
To minimize interference with the wireless device signal, use the following methods.

Note The following recommendations may be easier to comply with if the receiver is connected to a front USB connector if your computer has one.
  • Make sure that the device and receiver are a minimum distance of 3 feet away from another similar wireless device.
  • Position the receiver within 3 feet of the mouse or keyboard.
  • If you are using a dual receiver (mouse and keyboard), position the receiver at equal distances from the mouse and keyboard.

    If you cannot do this, a distance ratio that is less than 2:1 is recommended.
  • Keep the receiver cable bundled, if possible and do not extend it more than the necessary length.
  • Avoid running the receiver cable in parallel with or close to other cables especially power cables or network cables.
  • Do not put the mouse, keyboard, or receiver on metallic surfaces or objects, especially long metallic rails or cables. We recommend that you keep the mouse and keyboard a minimum distance of 3 feet from metallic objects.
  • Do not put the mouse, keyboard, or receiver near any electrical devices, especially transmitters such as cordless or cellular telephones, and other wireless mouse devices or receivers; a distance of 8 to 12 inches is recommended.
  • Moving the receiver closer to your mouse or keyboard almost always helps.

    Experiment with different positions of the receiver on the table and orientations of the receiver cable. Turning the receiver upside down or on a side may also help in some cases. Experiment with the different channels on the devices.
  • Make sure that other wireless mice or keyboards are turned off before you sync a different wireless mouse or keyboard. After syncing is complete, you can turn on the other wireless products again.

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