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Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or 3.11 may return the following errormessage:
Group File Error
Cannot Open Program Group File <xxxx>.GRP
Do you want Program Manager to try and load it in the future?
At this point, a Yes/No option box appears.

In Windows 3.0, the error message appears as follows:
Group File Error
Cannot Open Program Group File
With both versions, the message occurs if a program group listed in the[Groups] section of the PROGMAN.INI does not have a corresponding *.GRP inthe specified path, or if the file is corrupted.

Windows 3.1

If you choose Yes, Windows attempts to load the .GRP file during thenext boot.

If you select the No option, Windows modifies the PROGMAN.INI file bydeleting the line that referenced the corrupt .GRP file.

NOTE: If you prefer, you can use any text editor to edit the PROGMAN.INIfile, rather than allowing Windows to modify itautomatically.

If you have moved the group, you should be sure to add a correctreference to PROGMAN.INI.

For example, if the PROGMAN.INI reads as follows
   [Groups]   Group1=D:\WIN31\NONWINDO.GRP   Group2=D:\WIN31\GAMES.GRP   Group3=D:\WIN31\ACCESSOR.GRP   Group4=D:\WIN31\MAIN.GRP   Group5=D:\WIN31\WindowsA.GRP   Group6=D:\WIN31\OTHER.GRP				
and you have moved the OTHER.GRP file to E:\WIN31, Windows displays thefollowing error message:
Cannot Open Program Group File D:\WIN31\OTHER.GRP
To correct the problem, add the following line to the PROGMAN.INI:

Windows 3.0

In Windows 3.0, the automatic update option is unavailable. You mustmanually update PROGMAN.INI to change or eliminate any erroneous.GRP references.
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