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Stack Overflow Can Cause Windows to Hang

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Stack overflows can cause Microsoft Windows to stop responding (hang).If Windows hangs intermittently, try adding the following line to theCONFIG.SYS file:
The addition of the STACKS command line causes MS-DOS to reserve space forhardware interrupt handling (rather than an application's stack). Ingeneral, the default setting gives you more free memory; however, there aresituations when the hardware interrupt routines require more space. On IBMmachines, STACKS=0,0 is the default; on all other machines, STACKS=9,128 isthe default.

One such situation is when you are running SMARTDrive (SMARTDRV.EXE)version 4.0 with certain network cards. Windows Setup should modify theCONFIG.SYS file accordingly when Windows is installed if it detects a knownproblem configuration.

If Windows is hanging or crashing, particularly if SMARTDRV.EXE 4.0 isrunning, or a network is installed, try adding the STACKS command to theCONFIG.SYS file and see if that corrects the problem.

For more information, please query on the following words in theMicrosoft Knowledge Base: STACKS and OVERVIEW
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