Availability of the Microsoft Project Server 2002 hotfix package: June 16, 2003

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This article describes the Microsoft Project Server 2002 issues that are fixed in the Microsoft Project Server 2002 hotfix package that is dated June 16, 2003.

Issues That Are Fixed in the Hotfix Package

The following issues are also fixed in this hotfix package but were not previously documented in a Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
  • When you open your project timesheet in Microsoft Project Web Access (PWA) and delete time information, the timesheet change may not be updated in your project plan.
  • When you open your project plan in Microsoft Project, you may notice that the project lead times have changed and you may receive an error message that is similar to the following:
    An Import Error occurred

    Check row 3 column Link_Lag_Fmt

    This is not a valid duration, or it is outside the range for this field.
  • When you insert a new row in your project plan that contains custom formulas, the project plan may take an unexpectedly long time to update.
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Service Pack Information

This problem is corrected in Project Server 2002 Service Pack 1.

To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Project Server 2002. For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
867830 How to obtain the latest Microsoft Project Server 2002 service pack
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Hotfix Information

A supported hotfix is now available from Microsoft, but it is only intended to correct the problem that is described in this article. Only apply it to systems that are experiencing this specific problem. This hotfix may receive additional testing. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, Microsoft recommends that you wait for the next Microsoft Project Server 2002 service pack that contains this hotfix.

To resolve this problem immediately, contact Microsoft Product Support Services to obtain the hotfix. For a complete list of Microsoft Product Support Services telephone numbers and information about support costs, visit the following Microsoft Web site:Note In special cases, charges that are ordinarily incurred for support calls may be canceled if a Microsoft Support Professional determines that a specific update will resolve your problem. The usual support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for the specific update in question.

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There are no prerequisites that are required for installing this fix.

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Restart Information

You may have to restart your computer after you apply this hotfix.

Note When you install the hotfix, all the services that are associated with Project Server 2002 are stopped and restarted. You may be prompted to restart your computer after you apply the hotfix depending on the files that are in use when the hotfix is applied, or if the hotfix cannot stop or start certain services that are associated with Project Server.

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Hotfix Replacement Information

This hotfix is replaced by a later hotfix.

For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
823333 Availability of the Microsoft Project Server 2002 Hotfix Package: July 7, 2003

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Registry Information

You do not have to create or modify any registry keys to activate any hotfixes that are contained in this package.

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Additional Steps Required for Installation

The following steps are required when you install this hotfix package.

Microsoft SQL Stored Procedure Update

To make sure that your Project Server has all the hotfixes that are contained in this hotfix package applied correctly, follow these steps after you apply the hotfix package:
  1. Run Microsoft SQL Query Analyzer.
  2. In the database drop-down box, select the Project Server database.
  3. On the File menu, click Open.

    Locate the Websps.sql file (in the \..\Microsoft Project Server\Scripts.SQL folder), and then open the file.
  4. On the Query menu, click Execute.
  5. When the query is finished running, you may quit SQL Query Analyzer.
Note The SQL query may take several minutes to run on some computers. You can confirm that the process has completed successfully by looking at the Stored Procedures on the server. If a Stored Procedure that is named "MSP_WEB_SP_BUS_GetProjPathsForIDs" exists, the query has run successfully.

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Hotfix File Information

This hotfix contains only those files that you must have to correct the issues that this article lists. This hotfix may not contain all the files that you must have to fully update a product to the latest build.

The global version of this hotfix has the file attributes (or later) that are listed in the following table. The dates and times for these files are listed in coordinated universal time (UTC). When you view the file information, it is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time tool in Control Panel.
   Date         Time   Size       File name       -------------------------------------------   16-Jul-2003  23:07  4,475,392  Prjsvr10.msp
After the hotfix is installed, the following files will have the listed attributes or later:
   Date         Time   Version        Size       File name   ----------------------------------------------------------   10-Jun-2003  00:02  10.0.2003.609    320,000  Atlconv.dll         24-Mar-2003  21:45                       611  Build.inc   05-Sep-2002  19:19                     6,133  Clntutil.asp   24-Mar-2003  19:58                     1,550  Comlib.asp   05-Sep-2002  19:19                    13,525  Dlmain.asp   24-Mar-2003  19:58                     9,110  Grid.asp   05-Sep-2002  19:19                     6,946  Issshell.asp   05-Sep-2002  19:19                    16,837  Linkissu.asp   24-Mar-2003  19:58                    13,927  Locstr.asp   24-Mar-2003  19:58                    22,744  Modtool.asp   19-Feb-2003  00:08  10.2003.0.218    126,976  Mspnav.dll          05-Sep-2002  19:19                     3,975  New4task.asp   16-Jul-2003  21:03  10.2003.0.716     61,440  Pcsviews.dll        11-Mar-2003  02:05  10.2003.0.310    630,784  Pds.dll             09-Oct-2002  19:31  10.0.2002.1009   909,824  Pj10od10.dll        25-Mar-2003  00:56                   912,779  Pjclient.cab   16-Jul-2003  21:20  10.0.2003.716    315,392  Pjmsghlr.dll        10-Jun-2003  00:02  10.0.2003.609    188,928  Pjnpe.dll           01-Oct-2002  01:00  10.0.2002.930    167,936  Pjobjprv.dll        10-Jun-2003  00:02  10.0.2003.609  4,108,800  Pjoledb.dll         10-Jun-2003  00:02  10.0.2003.609    893,440  Pjsvrutl.dll        03-Dec-2002  01:06                    30,535  Portview.asp   06-Aug-2002  18:16                     3,584  Prjsvre.mst   03-Apr-2003  02:12  10.2003.0.402    307,200  Projolap.dll        03-Apr-2003  02:15  10.2003.0.402     57,344  Psvracub.dll        21-May-2003  04:13                    96,171  Qylibstd.sql   21-May-2003  04:13                    63,834  Svrdbdl.asp   02-Apr-2003  21:32                    20,991  Tsktrans.asp   16-Jul-2003  21:20  10.0.2003.716    118,784  Vwnotify.exe        03-Jul-2003  01:56                 1,070,627  Websps.sql
Note For more information about installing this hotfix, see the Readme.txt file that is included in the package.

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For additional information about the standard terminology that Microsoft uses when it corrects software after it is released, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
824684 Description of the Standard Terminology That Is Used to Describe Microsoft Software Updates

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