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List of bugs that are fixed in Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8.0 Service Pack 1

This article contains information about the bugs that are fixed in Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1). For additional information about how to obtain Visual FoxPro 8.0 Service Pack 1, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
829988 How to obtain the latest Visual FoxPro 8.0 service pack
Visual FoxPro 8.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) contains the following fixes:


  • Automation - When you pass an array by reference to an ADO RecordSet, AddNew produces the following error message:
    The class file () associated with this field cannot be found - class association cleared
  • Servers - When you call a method from a second server that is instantiated in single MTDLL under COM+, you receive the following error message:
    Unknown name
  • Servers - Error with COM Codebook application in COM+ package.
  • Servers - Returning an untyped member array fails.


  • Collection - When you call the AddProperty method of an item that is added to a collection, the procedure returns an object reference.
  • Combobox control - A selection does not work correctly when a row source exceeds approximately 512 items.
  • Combobox control - A value with an ampersand (&) adds a second ampersand to the value that is displayed.
  • Editbox conrol - C5 fatal exception error occurs when you call the editbox.refresh method that has a character field as the control source.
  • Form - Error occurs at design time and run time if a property value references the method of an object that is not in scope.
  • Form - F5 does not trigger the KeyPress event of a form if the Closable property of the form is set to .F.
  • Form - The Control menu has incorrect hotkeys on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.
  • Grid – When a Column contains a Container object, Visual FoxPro stops responding.
  • Grid - Columns display incorrectly when the RightToLeft property is set to .T. at design time and at run time.
  • Grid - The HighlightForeColor property appears white when it is set to black.
  • Grid - When the AllowCellSelection property set to .F. the Cancel property of the command button is disabled.
  • Grid – With a CursorAdapter object, you receive an error message two times, and then the form closes unexpectedly.
  • Grid - If Active Accessibility is enabled (OBJ_SHOW), and you show a grid with several text columns, a fatal exception occurs.
  • Grid - The grid is not refreshed if the grid is on a nonactive page of a page frame.
  • Grid - Inconsistent MouseUp event behavior occurs when you click or you double-click a header separator line that has the AllowAutoColumnFit property set.
  • Grid - Fatal exception occurs in a grid where there is a Container object in column.
  • Header - A programmatically defined header class in an .exe file is not found unless the .prg file that contains the definition is in the same folder with the .exe file.
  • Label - When you set the Caption property to a built-in property with a blank value (such as, Caption = '=thisform.tag') you receive the following error message:
    There is not sufficient memory to complete this operation
  • Label - When you resize a label you receive the following error message, and Visual FoxPro quits:
    There is not sufficient memory to complete this operation
  • Listbox control - A memory leak occurs when you set the RowsourceType property to 8.
  • Pageframe - A fatal exception occurs when you close a form after you click a page that has the PageOrder property set.
  • Pageframe - When the TabOrientation property of a page frame is set to 2, and you press the arrow keys to move between page tabs on a themed form, a memory leak occurs, and Visual FoxPro quits.
  • Textbox - When you change a text box value where array elements are set as the control source, you receive the following error message:
    Not a character expression
  • XMLAdapter - The XMLAdapter ignores the XMLNamespace property unless the XMLName property is not empty and does not parse XML correctly.
  • Misc - The AddProperty method sets the value of the existing property to .F. when a new value is not passed.
  • Misc - When the Caption property references a variable that is not in scope, you receive one of the following error messages:
    "Variable not found
    data type is invalid for this property
  • Misc - When a caption is set to an empty string, the object name appears as the caption instead of a blank caption. For example, this behavior occurs when the caption is set to the following:
  • Misc - When you dimension an object array property to more than 32,767 elements, a fatal exception occurs.
  • Misc - Fatal exception occurs when you add the custom FontBold and FontItalic properties, and then you enable these properties.
  • Misc - Fatal exception occurs when you redefine a released variable in the Destroy method.
  • Misc - Fatal exception or C++ runtime error occurs when you edit a subclassed method with an lparam list that is over 256 characters.


  • Auto Increment - Auto Increment does not work correctly with APPEND FROM.
  • CursorAdapter - If the ODBC driver or the OLE DB provider does not support batched execution, a non-batched update fails when you set the UpdateType property to 2.
  • CursorAdapter – In ADO, the CursorAdapter method does not update .mdb with memo fields that are zero-length, that are null, or that are longer than 255.
  • CursorAdapter – In ADO, when an update of the backend table fails in a TABLEUPDATE( ) function call, subsequent TABLEUPDATE( ) functions fail.
  • CursorAdapter - When the OLE DB provider does not populate the Parameters collection, the OLE DB provider does not pass an empty string as a parameter for the ADODB.Command object .
  • CursorAdapter - You can call the TABLEREVERT( ) function while the TABLEUPDATE( ) function is executed.
  • CursorAdapter - The TABLEUPDATE( ) function does not commit insert in local cursor if Buffering is set to 5 and record is changed in AfterInsert event.
  • CursorAdapter - When you issue an ERROR command in the CursorAdapter method in a runtime application, you receive the following error message:
    Fatal error <ErrorNumber> while attempting to report error <ErrorNumber>
  • CursorAdapter – The ADO fetch process puts table buffer in incorrect state.
  • Engine - When you have a table-buffered cursor with GO TOP after BEGIN TRANS and ROLLBACK, you receive the following error message:
    Index does not match the table
  • Engine - When you use SCAN or when you skip through records, you receive the following error message:
    Record is not in index
  • Engine - When you have an opened table-buffered cursor that contains a dirty record, you receive the following error message:
    Table has no index order set
  • Engine - SEEK command with the ORDER DESCENDING clause does not move to correct record with SET NEAR ON.
  • Engine - SEEK command finds old and new data with optimistic table buffering.
  • Engine - When you call the TABLEUPDATE( ) function on a table-buffered cursor with buffered changes and you use the REINDEX command, you receive the following error message:
    Index does not match the table...(Error 114)
  • Engine - Memory leak occurs when you pass parameters by reference with the SQLEXEC( ) function.
  • Engine - The SQLGETPROP( ) function has a memory leak.
  • Engine - Visual FoxPro can stop responding when you call SQL INSERT in the middle of a transaction.
  • Engine - Shared connection does not pass parameter, and shared connection does not execute statement in async mode.
  • Engine - SET TABLEVALIDATE=2 does not report an error when the record count is one less than it must be, and a new record overrides the existing data.
  • Engine - Memory leak occurs with INSERT - SQL or UPDATE - SQL. INSERT - SQL and UPDATE - SQL cause errors.
  • Engine - You expect the SQLSTRINGCONNECT( ) function to display a connection dialog box as it does in Visual FoxPro 7.0. Instead, the SQLSTRINGCONNECT( ) function reports an error.
  • Engine - SQL Pass-Through Asynchronous Batch mode fetches all result sets at the same time.
  • Engine - COPY TO command with more than 255 fields crashes or reports misleading error.
  • Engine - The REQUERY( ) function on parameterized view fails when the REQUERY( ) function is preceded by an equal sign (=).
  • Engine - After you call the TABLEUPDATE( ) function and ROLLBACK command in local view, and you then use the GOTO TOP command, you receive he following error message:
    "Index does not match the table
  • ODBC - When you try to set an invalid property in Microsoft SQL Server, you receive the following error message:
    Invalid error
  • ODBC - Connection is not disconnected when idle timeout has elapsed.
  • ODBC - Passing large variable to SQL Server ODBC Driver can cause C5 crash.
  • SET TABLEVALIDATE - SET TABLEVALIDATE TO sets to incorrect value.
  • SQL - UPDATE and DELETE are not Rushmore-optimized if target table has table buffered changes.
  • SQL - When you use SELECT ... UNION with a Fox 2.x table, you receive the following error message:
    Fields are incompatible
  • SQL - JOIN syntax can sometimes return incorrect results
  • SQL - INSERT INTO ... SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE ... does not respect WHERE clause.
  • SQL - CREATE/REMOVE TABLE in DBC fails in multi-user scenario.
  • SQL - Changes in error message and number with unbalanced INSERT INTO ... SELECT FROM statements.


  • SCREEN - Fatal exception occurs when you minimize and then restore IDE after you add and you release the hook on the _SCREEN.Resize event.
  • Debugger - Fatal exception occurs after you change the value in the Locals window for the property of a closed modal form.
  • Debugger - If Call Stack or Locals window is not open, a fatal exception occurs after you resume in the Trace window.
  • Debugger - Fatal exception occurs after you resume with a large array in the Watch window.
  • Debugger - Fatal exception occurs when you paste an expression in the Watch window.
  • Editor - Fatal exception occurs when you choose View Definition or Look Up Reference from the context menu when you edit a stored procedure.
  • Editor - Fatal exception occurs when you comment code from the context menu.
  • Menus - Fatal exception occurs on push or pop menu or SET SYSMENU TO DEFAULT after you modify 2 reports.
  • Menus - Fatal exception with SET SYSMENU TO DEFAULT after you close the debugger.
  • Options Dialog - Search path that is set on the Files tab in the Options dialog box and then saved as the default is not persisted in later Visual FoxPro sessions.
  • Report Designer - Close box does not appear under Windows NT 4.0 when the preview window is maximized.
  • RI Builder - The RI Builder generates the following error message:
    Missing expression
  • Task pane - Fatal exception occurs when Community pane cannot connect to a Web service when using a startup program.
  • Task pane - Community pane does not connect if Internet Explorer is configured to use proxy.
  • Toolbars - Black and white toolbars can cause Visual FoxPro to stop responding.

OLE DB Provider

  • Command execution is serialized across all processes.
  • IDBCreateSessionImpl::CreateSession does not check return value from IID_IObjectWithSite::SetSite and causes C5.
  • InterlockedCompareExchange and InterlockedExchangeAdd do not use multithreaded protection.
  • CFGInitFailed() in Visual FoxPro OLE DB Provider (VFPOLEDB.dll) shows MessageBox.
  • Thread-safe improvements for the Visual FoxPro OLE DB Provider
  • Make OLE DB Provider read ENGINEBEHAVIOR and TABLEVALIDATE settings from CONFIG.FPW.
  • Memory leak in VFPOLEDB.dll
  • SET ENGINEBEHAVIOR affects all connections for the same client.


  • Fatal exception error occurs when program cache is filled.
  • Fatal exception reporting dialog box can appear multiple times with some crashes.
  • SET NOTIFY CURSOR OFF makes _TALLY behave as if additive.
  • If InstallShield Express setup project contains both Visual FoxPro 7.0 and Visual FoxPro 8.0 Merge Modules (MSM), you receive an error message when you build setup.
  • When you access an array row that is greater than 4,906, you receive the following error message:
    Array dimensions are invalid

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