Requirements for Using Universal Serial Bus Devices with Virtual PC

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This article discusses the requirements for using universal serial bus (USB) devices with Virtual PC.

Using a USB device with Virtual PC

USB is a widely-used standard connector for peripheral devices. These devices include printers, scanners, storage devices, and other devices. Virtual PC supports a wide range of USB devices.

USB keyboards, mice, and floppy disk drives that are connected to your Macintosh computer are automatically shared with a virtual machine.

To use other supported USB devices with a virtual machine, the following components are required:
  • A virtual machine that uses Microsoft Windows 98 or later
  • Windows drivers for your USB device (provided by the manufacturer)
  • Mac OS 9, or Mac OS X or later
  • Virtual PC 5.0 or later
Virtual PC permits you to connect up to 15 USB devices to one Macintosh computer at the same time. The USB devices may be connected directly to a USB port, or they may be connected to a USB hub that is connected to a USB port.

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Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac Version 7, Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac Version 6.1

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