List of Fixes in Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 SP1

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The following is a list of fixes and various other improvements that have beenmade in Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 Service Pack 1.
320056 Stub Not Found for EmbedFlatHTMLConsole in
324035 User Cannot Log On When in Nested Groups or Cross-Domain Nested Groups
326598 DCA Stops Responding After You Select SQL DB
331111 Stability and Performance Issues May Occur for Busy CMS Sites
811050 Link Is Corrupted When You Edit a Posting and Host Header Mapping Is Enabled
811091 Slow Performance When You Use Active Directory Authentication
811297 Map Channel Names to Host Header Setting Only Works with Default Port Mapping
811333 Apostrophe in Channel Display Name May Cause Display Issues
811932 You Receive Script Errors When You Enter Edit Mode
811993 "Cannot Insert Duplicate Key Row in Object" Error Message When You Perform an Incremental Deployment
813038 Resource Manager Causes an Access Violation in Inetinfo.exe
813867 MCMS 2002 Console Writes Postback From Action Address by Using an Absolute URI
814775 You Receive HTTP 500 Error Messages After You Bring an MCMS Server Online
815133 Revision History Disappears from the Posting Revision Report
815204 You May Receive 404 Page Not Found Responses While Site Deployment Is Running
815310 JavaScript Error Message When You Try to Assign an Image or an Attachment to a Placeholder Control
815460 INFO: Use the Custom SCAPI Configuration Utility to Improve Performance
816978 BUG: Site Deployment Fails if Server Data Object (.sdo) File Is More Than 250 MB
816986 Start Publishing Date for a Page Cannot Be Set Earlier Than Publishing Date of the Parent Channel
817048 Performance and Default Tree Issue with Resource Gallery Browser
817443 User Does Not Have Access to Resources in Resource Gallery Tree View
817907 A Copied Posting Does Not Retain the DisplayName of the Original Posting
817925 FIX: You Cannot Configure MCMS to Use a Virtual Directory Other Than the Default NR Directory
818404 The Channel.GetByRelativePath Method Does Not Work Correctly in All Situations
818650 The Display Name of an Attached File Icon Is Not Displayed Correctly
818953 Another Process Uses When You Automate Word
819527 Cannot Use Drag-and-Drop Feature to Put Items in a Placeholder When Using SSL
819622 The MCMS Console Is in an Unusable State After You Change the EnableLeaveAuthoringWarning Property in Visual Studio .NET
820441 You May Experience Slow Server Performance During Periods of High User Load
820996 Deleted User Roles Are Not Removed by Background Processing
821663 MCMS Pages Do Not Comply with HTML 4.01 Standards
811516 REHTMLPackager.dll Filter May Slow Down File Transfer

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Microsoft Content Management Server 2002

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