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INFO: List of Bugs That Are Fixed in Commerce Server 2002 Service Pack 2

This article contains a list of the bugs that are fixed in Commerce Server 2002 Service Pack 2 (SP2). Service packs are cumulative. This means that the bugs that are fixed in a service pack are also fixed in later service packs.

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825329 INFO: Known Issues in Commerce Server 2002 Service Pack 2
Service Pack 2 contains the following fixes:

296884 Access Violation When You Use DbOrderPromoADO Pipeline Component on Commerce Server 2000
327587 PRB: "Failed to Get Cryptographic Context" Error Message When You Use the Commerce Server 2002 CryptoAPI
329396 FIX: Data Warehouse Cannot Import Transaction Data
329681 Business Desk Problem with Catalog Categories that Include "&"
329731 FIX: Search of Multiple Catalogs Simultaneously Produces Zero Results
330327 BizDesk Keyword Searches Are Not Successful If a Keywords Catalog Property Exists
331804 FIX: Error Message in BizDesk When You Try to Expand the Parent Category
331940 BUG: Commerce 2002 Business Desk Cannot Properly Handle 302 Redirects
810404 Importing a Multilingual Catalog Does Not Fill All Language Tables
811354 FIX: Display Names May Be Deleted When You Create a New Display Name
811836 FIX: Discounts That Are Applied By Using BizDesk Do Not Work on Virtual Catalogs
811970 FIX: Query on Virtual Catalog Returns No Results
812458 FIX: Drillthrough Does Not Work for Some Dynamic Reports
812520 BUG: Decimal Data Type Does Not Appear Correctly in the BizDesk
813125 FIX: IsAuthenticated Tries to Delete a Cookie While in URL Mode
813785 Cannot Unpackage Site When Commerce Application Is Located in Root of IIS Site
814071 Virtual Catalog Search Is Unsuccessful When Both a Free Text and a SQL Query Are Set
814232 Error -901480448 When You Run the Product Catalog Import DTS Task
814683 Cannot Install Business Desk Client on Computers Without Drive C
814996 BUG: Profile.GetXml Does Not Encode Special Characters
817817 Direct Mailer Service Does Not Recover If Job Delivery Is Interrupted
817820 FIX: Web Farm Cache Does Not Refresh Correctly Because CacheManager Does Not Register AppUrl Correctly
818077 FIX: Commerce Site Packager Fails When You Use an IP Address
818143 Direct Mailer Job Is Unsuccessful When Direct Mailer Resource Is Not Aliased to DBO
818879 FIX: Ordercontext Class Fails When Databases Are Distributed
819251 FIX: Commerce Server 2002 AuthFilter Cannot Authenticate When Used with an Exchange 2000 OWA Application
821108 FIX: AuthFilter Cannot Set the Basic Authorization Header Correctly
821250 Catalog Search Cannot Use Wildcard Characters
824298 FIX: Product Relationships in Virtual Catalogs Do Not Work as Expected
824693 FIX: Runtime Error When You Remove a Profile References and the Client Locale Is Different from the Server Locale
825530 FIX: Commerce Server 2002 Business Desk Help Index Does Not Appear
825555 FIX: Incorrect Operators Are Listed for Catalog Expressions
825656 FIX: "Incorrect Syntax Near '='" Error Message When You Delete Multiple Orders in BizDesk
825669 INFO: Business Desk Files Must Be Updated After You Install Commerce Server 2002 Service Pack 2
825670 FIX: Cannot Enable Free Text Search on a Multilingual Catalog Property
825671 PRB: System.AppDomainUnloadedException Error When Pipeline Components That Are Implemented in Managed Code Are Registered as Poolable
822116 You receive an error message when you export to XML in Commerce Server 2002 S822116

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