How to remove underlines from hyperlinks that use FrontPage 2003

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This article describes the preferred method for removing the underline from a hyperlink in FrontPage 2003.

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How to Remove the Underline from a Single Hyperlink

There are two ways to remove the underline formatting from a single hyperlink:
  • Use the Underlinebutton on the Formattingtoolbar. To do this:
    1. Select the hyperlink where you want to remove the underline.
    2. On the Formattingtoolbar, click the Underlinebutton.

      The hyperlink will no longer be underlined.
  • Use the text-decoration cascading style sheet (CSS) attribute.
    1. In FrontPage 2003, click the Codetab at the bottom of the FrontPage window.
    2. Locate the code that looks similar to the following code:
      <a href="http://Example.Microsoft.Com">underlinedhyperlink</a>
    3. Insert the style tag with the style="text-decoration:none"attribute in the anchor tag, so that your code looks similar to the following code:
      <a style="text-decoration:none" href="http://Example.Microsoft.Com">nonunderlinedhyperlink</a>
    4. On the Filemenu, click Save.

      The hyperlink will no longer be underlined.

How to Remove the Underline from All Hyperlinks

You can remove the underline from all hyperlinks in a page by adding a <STYLE> section to the page.

To remove the underline from all hyperlinks on a page, follow these steps:
  1. Open the page that you want to modify.
  2. Click the Codetab.
  3. Put the following HTML code before the <BODY> tag:
    <STYLE>A {text-decoration: none;} </STYLE>
  4. Click the Designtab.

    Your hyperlinks no longer contain underlines.
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