Windows 3.1 Setup Error Codes (S208 through S214)

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When a Setup error message contains an error code, it also includes sometext indicating what Setup was trying to do, for example, copying a file.The text of the error message indicates whether the error is fatal or not.In some nonfatal cases, Setup may be performing an operation (such ascopying a file) that is needed to run Microsoft Windows. Other times theerror may prevent some specific feature of Windows from operating properly.

In many cases, the error code is an MS-DOS extended error code. These errorcodes are between 0 and 100. Setup-specific error codes have two differentformats, depending on whether the error occurs during the character (MS-DOS) mode or the Windows graphical user interface (GUI) mode portion ofSetup. The character mode Setup-specific error numbers are in the format"Snnn", where "nnn" is any three-digit number. The GUI mode error numbersare codes greater than 200.

GUI Mode Setup Error Codes

Out of disk space during file copy in VerInstallFile. Because of the disk space checks that Setup does, this problem should occur only if you have upgraded over an invalid Windows installation (that is, files have been deleted manually). Make sure there is enough disk space and then run Setup again. Also make sure that VER.DLL does not exist in the WINDOWS directory. It should only be in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.
File in use. This error occurs if some file that needs to be replaced by Setup is in use or opened by another some other software. Make sure Setup is the only application running or exit Windows and run Setup from the MS-DOS prompt.
Destination file is write-protected. Type
ATTRIB -r <filename>
at the MS-DOS prompt, where <filename> is the indicated file and run Setup again. This problem may also be caused by virus- protection software, in which case, this software should be disabled while running Setup.
Buffers allocated for file expansion operations are too small. This error should never occur. If it does, free up some memory and run Setup again.
Unknown version mismatch happened during attempt to install file. This problem can be caused by the incorrect version of VER.DLL running or by corrupt files. Make sure you do not have VER.DLL in your WINDOWS directory. It should only be in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.
File expansion initialization failed. This problem is probably due to insufficient memory.
Source file is unreadable. This problem is probably due to drive hardware problems, corrupt files or disks, or, if you are setting up from a network, network problems. Setup error 214 can also be caused by incorrect CMOS settings for floppy drives or third party extended memory managers.
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