Registration Info Editor (REGEDIT) Command-Line Switches

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The Microsoft Windows operating system version 3.1 RegistrationInformation Editor (REGEDIT.EXE) can help to set up shell (forexample, Program Manager) and OLE information, but the only documentationfor REGEDIT.EXE is in the Windows Help files, REGEDIT.HLP and REGEDITV.HLP.This article describes the command-line switches for REGEDIT.EXE.
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Syntax for REGEDIT.EXE

REGEDIT [/v|-v] [/s|-s] <FILENAME>				


This is a .REG-formatted file, which can be produced with the SaveRegistration File command in the File menu of REGEDIT.EXE in advancedmode.


This switch opens REGEDIT.EXE in advanced mode, where the registrationdatabase is displayed in a tree structure (similar to the tree windowin Windows 3.1 File Manager). Any part of the database can be edited.


When a filename is specified on the command line, this switch is usedto suppress any informational dialog boxes that would normally bedisplayed. This is useful when the Setup program for an applicationwants to execute REGEDIT.EXE with a .REG file, but does not want theuser to be confused by any dialog boxes that are displayed.

Syntax for Switches

Either "/" or "-" can be used to signify the optional switches. Theswitches can be combined (for example, -vs) and be typed in eitheruppercase or lowercase. Unrecognized switches are ignored.

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