How to Use the Site Reset Functionality in Systems Management Server 2003

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This article discusses the site reset functionality in Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003. Systems Management Server 2003 provides the following two security mechanisms that you can use when you install a site:
  • Advanced security
  • Standard security
You can use the site reset functionality when you click the Standard security option or the Advanced security option during your site installation. However, some of the setup options differ depending on the security mechanism option that you select.
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You can perform the following actions during a site reset of Systems Management Server 2003:
  • Change the Systems Management Server 2003 service account and password if you use the Standard security option.
  • Switch to a different instance of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Modify the database name.
  • Specify the SQL Server account that Systems Management Server uses to connect to the Systems Management Server site database.
A site reset retains the current site configuration, but it does not reset permissions on shares. A site reset operation reinstalls all the following components:
  • SMS Site Component Manager
  • SMS SQL Monitor
  • The thread components of SMS Executive
You can also use a site reset operation to help recover from a scenario where you receive the following error message when you manually start the SMS_EXECUTIVE service or the SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER service:
Error 2186 "Service is not responding to the internal control function"
You must perform a site reset operation locally on the site server. If you try to perform a site reset operation by using the SMS Administrator console from a remote computer, the Modify or reset the current installation option is unavailable (appears dimmed) on the Setup Options window of the Systems Management Server Setup Wizard. To reset your Systems Management Server installation, follow these steps:
  1. Exit all running SMS Administrator consoles.
  2. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Systems Management Server, and then click SMS Setup.
  3. Click Next, click Next, click Modify or reset the current installation, and then click Next.
  4. Follow the remaining steps in the Systems Management Server Setup Wizard to reset your Systems Management Server installation.

    Note If you use Standard security, you can change to Advanced security mode. However, if you use Advanced security mode, you cannot change to Standard security mode.
During the site reset operation, the following events occur:
  • If you use Standard security mode, Setup permits you to change the Systems Management Server service account and password. If you try to enter a password that is not correct, Setup does not continue. Because of this, make sure that if you change the Active Directory directory service password, you allow sufficient time for this change to be replicated to all domain controllers.
  • Setup tries to connect to all Client Access Points (CAPs). If a connection is not successful, you receive an error message. You may be able to resolve this issue by clicking Reply. However, if the destination computer is not available, click Ignore, and then remove and reassign the CAP role after Setup is completed.
  • Setup stops and then restarts the SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER service and the thread components of the SMS_EXECUTIVE service. Additionally, Setup removes, and then re-creates, the CAP share folder and the SMS Executive component on the local computer and on the remote CAP computers.
  • After Setup installs the SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER service, this service installs the SMS_EXECUTIVE and the SMS_SQL_MONITOR services.
If you experience a problem during the site reset operation, view the contents of the SMSSetup.log file to help you troubleshoot the problem. Before you change the Systems Management Server service account password, consider how this change may affect other sites or services that may use this account.
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