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Release manifest for MDAC 2.8 (2.80.1022.3)

This release manifest applies to the Internet release of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8, referred to as MDAC 2.8 (2.80.1022.3).

For information about installing, uninstalling, upgrading, and downgrading MDAC releases see the following MDAC Q&A Web site:For information about downloading MDAC releases, see the following MSDN Web site:

Release version number

MDAC 2.8 (2.80.1022.3), August 2003

Release function

This release provides the same version of MDAC that was released with Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

Release ship Vehicle

Data Access Technologies

Localization information

MDAC 2.8 (2.80.1022.3) is available in the following languages:

U.S. English
Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
Brazilian Portuguese

Minimum supported configuration

  • Microsoft Windows 98 with the Y2K Update 2 and Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later
  • Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4 Service Pack 5 or later, and Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 or later
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
Note No installation support for this stand-alone release is offered for the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system because this same version of MDAC is included with Windows Server 2003.

New features

MDAC 2.8 (2.80.1022.3) is not a new feature release.

Frequently asked questions about MDAC 2.8

Where can I find specific Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles for MDAC 2.8?

You can search the Microsoft Knowledge Base by using the keyword "kbmdac280".

Note Only search the Knowledge Base for specific technical information, not for bug-related issues. For bug-related issues, there are many articles that describe either fixed bugs or known bugs in this version of the product.

Where can I find more information about MDAC setup, including dependencies, supported operating systems, and rollback?

For more information about these topics, see the following MDAC 2.6 Setup FAQ Web site: Note This article was written for MDAC 2.6, but the information also applies to MDAC 2.8.

My application must have Microsoft Jet, but Jet is no longer included in MDAC. Where can I find Jet?

The Microsoft Jet components were removed from MDAC 2.6 and are not included with MDAC 2.8.

My application must have the Microsoft Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver, but it is no longer included in MDAC. Where can I find the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver?

The Visual FoxPro ODBC driver is included with Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Office 2000, and MDAC 2.5. It is not included with MDAC 2.8.

Known issues for MDAC 2.8 (2.80.1022.3)


  • Security Enhancements A number of security enhancements were made in MDAC 2.8. Some of these enhancements caused small behavior changes. Microsoft recommends that you fully test this version of MDAC with your application in a test environment before you apply it to a production environment. For additional information about the most significant changes in MDAC 2.8, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    820761 List of significant fixes that are included in MDAC 2.8
    Note After you apply MDAC 2.8, you may receive the following error message:
    Argument passed to the Data Shaping Service was invalid
    This occurs because a new restriction is imposed on the length of the Shape query string in MDAC 2.8. Microsoft has released a fix for this:For additional information about this fix, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    838405 FIX: "Argument passed to data shaping service was invalid" error after you apply MDAC 2.8
  • SQL Server 7.0 Clustered Servers Do not install Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.6 or later on any SQL Server 7.0 clustered nodes. If you install MDAC 2.6 or later on any node in the cluster, (directly or through the installation of another program), it may cause a failure of the SQL Server Agent or other SQL Server services. For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    820754 MDAC 2.6 or later should not be installed on SQL Server 7.0 clusters


  • Windows Rollback On a computer that is running Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition, if you try to roll your MDAC installation back to an earlier version, your computer is left in a mixed state where your files are not all from the same version of MDAC. This behavior occurs because of a problem with the setup technology that is included with Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition. For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    311720 MDAC rollback may fail on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition
  • 2.8 MDAC_TYP.exe and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 If you try to run the 2.8 MDAC_TYP.exe file on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003, installation of the MDAC components appears to complete successfully. However, no files are updated on your system. This behavior occurs because by default, Windows Server 2003 includes the MDAC 2.8 components.

Significant fixes for MDAC 2.8 (2.80.1022.3)

For additional information about the significant fixes that are included in the MDAC 2.8, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
820761 List of significant fixes that are included in MDAC 2.8

File List for MDAC 2.8 (2.80.1022.3)

File NameVersion (x86)Description
12520437.cpxSQL Server Codepage Translator
12520850.cpxSQL Server Codepage Translator
adcjavas.incADC/RDS JavaScript include file
adcvbs.incADC/RDS VBScript include file
adojavas.incADO JavaScript include file
adovbs.incADO VBScript include file
cliconfg.dll2000.85.1022.0Client Configuration Utility
cliconfg.exe2000.85.1022.0Client Configuration Utility
cliconfg.rll2000.85.1022.0Client Configuration Utility
dbmsgnet.dll2000.85.1022.0Winsock Oriented Net Library
dbmsrpcn.dll2000.85.1022.0RPC Net Library
dbnetlib.dll2000.85.1022.0Winsock Oriented Net DLL
dbnmpntw.dll2000.85.1022.0Named Pipes Net DLL for SQL Clients
ds16gt.dll3.510.3711.0ODBC 16-bit Driver Setup Generic Thunking
ds32gt.dll3.525.1022.0ODBC Driver Setup Generic Thunking
expsrv.dll6.0.0.8540Expression Service
handler.regRegistration entries file for setting up the default RDS Handler
handsafe.regRegistration entries file for making RDS always run with a safe handler
instcat.sqlSQL Server SP Catalog updater
msadce.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Cursor Engine
msadcer.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Cursor Engine Resources
msadcf.dll2.80.1022.0Remote Data Services Data Factory
msadcfr.dll2.80.1022.0Remote Data Services Data Factory Resources
msadco.dll2.80.1022.0Remote Data Services Data Control
msadcor.dll2.80.1022.0Remote Data Services Data Control Resources
msadcs.dll2.80.1022.0Remote Data Services ISAPI Library
msadds.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Data Shape Provider
msaddsr.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Data Shape Provider Resources
msader15.dll2.80.1022.0ADO Resources
msado20.tlb2.80.1022.0ADO 2.0 Type Library
msado21.tlb2.80.1022.0ADO 2.1 Type Library
msado25.tlb2.80.1022.0ADO 2.5 Type Library
msado26.tlb2.80.1022.0ADO 2.6 Type Library
msado27.tlb2.80.1022.0ADO 2.7 Type Library
msadomd.dll2.80.1022.0ADO MD
msadox.dll2.80.1022.0ADO Extensions
msadrh15.dll2.80.1022.0ADO Rowset Helper
mscpxl32.dll3.525.1022.0ODBC Code Page Translator
msdadc.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Data Conversion Stub
msdaenum.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Root Enumerator Stub
msdaer.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Error Collection Stub
msdamg9x.dll2.80.1022.3Win98 Migration DLL
msdaora.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Provider for Oracle
msdaorar.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Provider for Oracle Resources
msdaosp.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Simple Provider
msdaprsr.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Persistence Services Resources
msdaprst.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Persistence Services
msdaps.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Interface Proxies/Stubs
msdarem.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Remote Provider
msdaremr.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Remote Provider Resources
msdart.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Runtime Routines
msdasc.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Service Components Stub
msdasql.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
msdasqlr.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers Resources
msdatl3.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Implementation Support Routines
msdatsrc.tlb9.1.1022.0Data Access - Data Source Interfaces
msdatt.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Temporary Table Services
msdaurl.dll9.2.1022.0OLE DB RootBinder Stub
msdfmap.dll2.80.1022.0Data Factory Handler
msjro.dll2.80.1022.0Jet and Replication Objects
msjtes40.dll4.0.2927.8Jet Expression Service
msorc32r.dll2.575.1022.0ODBC Driver for Oracle Resource Library
msorcl32.dll2.575.1022.0ODBC Driver for Oracle
msvcirt.dll6.0.8168.0(R) C++ Runtime Library
msvcrt.dll6.0.8397.0(R) C Runtime Library
mswdat10.dll4.0.3829.2Jet Sort Tables
mswstr10.dll4.0.3829.2Jet Sort Library
msxactps.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Transaction Proxies/Stubs
msxml3.dll8.40.9419.0MSXML3 SP4
msxml3a.dll8.20.8730.1MSXML3 Resource file
msxml3r.dll8.20.8730.1MSXML3 Resource file
mtxdm.dll1999.6.902.0MTS connection pooling - ODBC driver manager
mtxoci.dll1999.6.854.0MTS - Oracle OCI
odbc16gt.dll3.510.3711.0ODBC 16-bit Generic Thunking
odbc32.dll3.525.1022.0ODBC Driver Manager
odbc32gt.dll3.525.1022.0ODBC Driver Generic Thunking
odbcad32.exe3.525.1022.0ODBC Administrator
odbcbcp.dll2000.85.1022.0SQL Server ODBC Driver BCP Library
odbcconf.dll3.525.1022.0ODBC Driver Configuration Program
odbcconf.exe3.525.1022.0ODBC Driver Configuration Program
odbccp32.cpl3.525.1022.0ODBC Control Panel
odbccp32.dll3.525.1022.0ODBC Installer
odbccr32.dll3.525.1022.0ODBC Cursor Library
odbccu32.dll3.525.1022.0ODBC Cursor Library
odbcint.dll3.525.1022.0ODBC Resources
odbctrac.dll3.525.1022.0ODBC Driver Manager Trace
oledb32.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Core Services
oledb32a.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Core Services ANSI Resources
oledb32r.dll2.80.1022.0OLE DB Core Services Resources
oledbjvs.incOLE DB JavaScript include file
oledbvbs.incOLE DB VBS include file
psapi.dll4.0.1371.1Process Status Helper
sqloledb.dll2000.85.1022.0OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
sqloledb.rll2000.85.1022.0OLE DB Provider for SQL Server Resource Library
sqlsrv32.dll2000.85.1022.0SQL Server ODBC Driver
sqlsrv32.rll2000.85.1022.0SQL Server ODBC Driver Resource Library
sqlunirl.dll2000.80.728.0SQL Server Unicode Resource Layer Library
sqlxmlx.dll2000.85.1022.0XML extensions for SQL Server
sqlxmlx.rll2000.85.1022.0XML extensions for SQL Server Resource Library
vbajet32.dll6.0.1.8268Expression Service Loader
mdac datashape shaping commerce server

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Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8

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