You receive an error message when you try to install Windows XP updates from the Windows Update Web site

Support for Windows XP has ended

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. This change has affected your software updates and security options. Learn what this means for you and how to stay protected.

When you connect to the Microsoft Windows Update Web site and try to install updates for Microsoft Windows XP, you may receive an error message that is similar to following:
Winlogon.exe. Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point AssocIsDangerous could not be found in the dynamic link library SHLWAPI.DLL.
This behavior may occur if you have installed Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1, but did not restart your computer before you tried to install other updates from the Windows Update Web site. The behavior occurs because some DLL files have been damaged.
To resolve this problem, you must restart your computer in the Windows XP Recovery Console, and then replace the damaged DLL files. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Use the Windows XP Setup start-up disks or the Windows XP CD-ROM to start your computer.
  2. At the "Welcome to Setup" screen, press R, and then press C to start the Recovery Console.
  3. Type the number for the appropriate Windows XP installation, and then type the Administrator account password.
  4. Type the following commands, and then press ENTER after each command:

    cd \
    cd windows\system32
    ren winlogon.exe winlogon.old
    ren msgina.dll msgina.old
    ren shell32.dll shell32.old
    ren shlwapi.dll shlwapi.old
    cd servicepackfiles\i386
    copy MSGINA.DLL c:\windows\system32
    copy SHELL32.DLL c:\windows\system32
    copy WINLOGON.EXE c:\windows\system32
    copy SHLWAPI.DLL c:\windows\system32

    Note If the DLL files are not in the Servicepackfiles folder, you must expand these files from the Windows XP installation CD-ROM and copy them to the System32 folder. To expand these files from the Windows XP installation CD, follow these steps:
    1. Put the Windows XP installation CD in your CD-ROM or DVD drive.
    2. Type the following commands, and then press ENTER after each command:

      expand CD_Drive_Letter:\i386\MSGINA.DL_ C:\windows\system32
      expand CD_Drive_Letter:\i386\SHELL32.DL_ C:\windows\system32
      expand CD_Drive_Letter:\i386\WINLOGON.EX_ C:\windows\system32
      expand CD_Drive_Letter:\i386\SHLWAPI.DL_ C:\windows\system32
  5. Type exit, and then press ENTER.
For additional information about the Windows XP Recovery Console, click the following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
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